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  • He would also hint that he was a martyr.
  • There was a hint of lavender in the lazy drifting air.
  • But it kindled a little at the hint of a hostile question.
  • Jonah set his lips grimly on a hint of these rumours.
  • On the subject of style another hint may be offered.
  • At the first hint of discussion his temper gave way.
  • I explained that one generally got a hint for a tale.
  • You might just drop a hint to Mills about the lights, eh?
  • Orren warned with a hint of affection and admiration in his voice.
  • Well, you just take my advice and drop a hint to him about this business.
  • There was a great deal the matter, but there was no hint of it in his manner.
  • At a mere hint of disloyalty to his famous friends he took fire.
  • With the hint thus conveyed she felt her letter to be discreetly worded.
  • I have never had inside my head so much as a hint of heaven and hell.
  • It was a perfect tropic night, with no hint of rain or squall.
  • But you might hint at what I'm expecting of her.
  • I had had some hint of it in her letters, but now I saw it plainly.
  • Well, I'll take the hint and be brief.
  • If but a friendly hint be thrown, 'Tis easier than to feel one's way.
  • There would be innuendo--the hint of scandalous things.

How To Use Hint In A Sentence?

  • Grief shrugged his shoulders, and no hint of resolve shadowed itself in his own face.
  • This hint of the contrary gave her a strong sensation, not altogether unpleasurable.
  • If it is only an abstract branch of science, of course, no such hint is in place.
  • Master Pok, under the impression that the hint was meant for him, drew still nearer.
  • Some wives had only to hint to have; but that was not the case with the hapless Mrs. Cockayne.
  • Olaf's yacht was modern, but there was a hint of the barbaric in its furnishings.
  • Out of the old man's parable she extracted just one hint that she considered useful.
  • My memory of school has indeed no hint whatever of that quality of elucidation it seems reasonable to demand from it.
  • They never hint that we are not machines, because we have any power by which we are exempt from the most absolute dominion of causes.
  • As he swung over the rail and stepped on deck a hint of catlike litheness showed in the apparently heavy body.
  • No problem is offered; the freshness of the flower-like faces is stated simply and without hint of cleverness.
  • There was no fog nor mist, nor hint of fog or mist, yet the dimness of distance produced the impression.
  • Patricia thought it safe to hint at something that might be in sight if she came to the dance on Friday.
  • Then he broke off, and when he next gave hint of his whereabouts, it was to hail us from the nearest point on the canyon rim.
  • She knew that upon that hint Mary would polish him off without ceremony, and she felt no compunction in giving it.
  • For a full ten minutes he chatted pleasantly, with never the slightest hint regarding the episode in Paris.
  • Some of the daring one tried to actually annoy the guards who, like zombies, went on their way without showing the slightest hint of aggravation.
  • He seemed to see regret, astonishment, questioning, gentle reproof, even a hint of amusement in her eyes.
  • He merely became browner with the passing of the years, though in the brown was the hint of golden tint that glows in the skin of the Polynesian.
  • He determined to give Wickersham a hint of the danger he was running, if, as he believed, he was simply amusing himself with the girl.

Definition of Hint

(intransitive) To suggest tacitly without a direct statement; to provide a clue. | (transitive) To bring to mind by a slight mention or remote allusion; to suggest in an indirect manner. | (transitive) To develop and add hints to a font.
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