Hints In A Sentence

How To Use Hints In A Sentence?

  • He gave hints and suggestions of his views that should have been understood by the intelligent.
  • Evidently to her sick-room had reached the vaguest possible hints of what had happened.
  • With these are challenges to explain them, and hints about the end of the world.
  • I do not put my name to these hints submitted to the consideration of reflecting men.
  • From that day her constant occupation was searching the newspapers to get hints about poisons.
  • He listened to hints of his penurious temper, and deigned no other answer than a smile.
  • No doubt, amongst his papers he has left some hints that we were the cause of the crime.
  • Dark hints of flagitiousness were thrown out, which our innocence wholly failed to comprehend.
  • I have often given you hints on the subject, without telling you a word of what I had heard.
  • She was able, incidentally, to give Sylvia a number of valuable hints touching these difficulties.
  • Some hints were dropped that the room had been subsequently haunted by the poor man's spirit.
  • He recalled the hints in certain newspaper paragraphs, the little tales with the names left to the imagination.
  • Spring and sunrise are forever miracles, but the early hour of the wonder hardly hints the exuberance of its fulfillment.
  • His eyes swept the moon-washed heavens for signs of aircraft, and he watched the dark horizon for hints of pursuit.
  • Surfaced, the sub could make sixty knots, and he meant to stay surfaced until there were hints of pursuit.
  • From the same specimens we may derive some useful hints respecting the essential conditions and the right conduct of the Theistic argument.
  • The large majority were low-grade Southerners who had left their section, urged by unmistakable hints from their fellow-citizens.
  • They are carefully composed, and are full of hints for plots, scenes, situations, characters, to be later worked up.
  • Various faint but unadroit hints and feelers of his had been thrown away upon Huckaback, who did not, or would not, comprehend them.
  • He called to mind the hints that the Alderbrook butler had let drop and the lack of enthusiasm the agent Nicholls had shown in speaking of him.
  • At last Fate, like an overtried mother who is sick of giving gentle hints to unheeding children, brought down her hand heavily upon them.
  • The last half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth have brought many beautiful flowers of poetry and hints of more perfect blossoms.
  • Next, she began to mingle her register with hints of having observed, that the sport was becoming a serious one to Lord Frederick.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hints | Hints Sentence

  • Fontenelle hints at his proof of this theory.
  • His legs were beginning to give hints of surrendering.
  • Carpets, hints as to, 302.
  • Perthes derives hints from his dog, 115.
  • Budding, hints on, 342.
  • These she never hints at, nor even begins to analyze.
  • I. Hints to Pilgrims 11 II.
  • They had to make what they could out of life with such hints as these.
  • A few hints now as to where you might care to lunch or dine.
  • These hints enabled me to comprehend more fully the arrangement of the table.
  • OR, Hints and Helps to Letter Writing.
  • Some additional hints will here be added, on the same topic.
  • Nature herself has given many hints along this line of experimentation.
  • The author hints that he has written other works, to which he gives no clue.
  • At last, these hints and tendencies are fixed in one, or in a succession.
  • Her mother saw it, too, and then the playful hints changed to angry threats.
  • These hints were strengthened by a letter from Bessel, of Koenigsberg.

Definition of Hints

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hint | plural of hint
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