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  • Who was oppressed during his administration?
  • What was the character of his administration?
  • Peace and prosperity were promoted by his administration.
  • Leading events connected with his administration.
  • Washington and his administration were not free from blame.
  • Jackson began his administration with characteristic vigor.
  • Presently, under his administration, it began to die.
  • In his administration, however, the crisis was passed.
  • His administration was not marked by any very important events.
  • His administration was a striking illustration of this maxim.
  • The vices of his administration are not such as affect the popular feeling.
  • The financial policy of his administration is too difficult for children.
  • This magistrate commenced his administration by visiting the prisons.
  • The next most important question of his administration related to finance.
  • In 1805 he made an important change in the working of his administration.
  • During his administration he never knew a moment free from anxiety.
  • If his administration proved unsatisfactory it might remove him from office.
  • The leading fault of his administration is, that it was double-faced.
  • Adams, John; Vice-President; President; his administration.
  • From the very beginning his administration was a one-man Government.
  • Under his administration the city of Toledo became a better place to live in.
  • His administration of Indian affairs was decidedly tame, but he did no harm.
  • His Administration must fall in with it, guide it, further it.
  • Under his administration was begun the college of Santo Tomas at Manila.

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  • This great talent he put in practice from the very beginning of his administration.
  • Several of our best laws were of his planning, and passed during his administration.
  • He was excessively severe and strict, but was impartial in his administration of justice.
  • The latter agreed without the least repugnance to surrender the churches and his administration.
  • The land tax continued at two shillings in the pound for the greater part of his administration.
  • He answered that he would have to have one of the brothers in his Administration.
  • In his administration Cagigal did not prove as efficient as in his military operations.
  • His administration, beyond all others, was assailed by an unprincipled and audacious rivalry.
  • Such then was the new acquisition of Charles after four years of his administration.
  • The activity of the ship-building plant of Havana was remarkable during his administration.
  • During his administration Balmaceda introduced many reforms, both material and educational.
  • Van Buren failed of a re-election, as the people did not fully endorse his administration.
  • He had been crippled in his administration by the conflict between Congress and the President.
  • He voted for the election of James Madison and zealously supported his administration.
  • It was a perfect defence of his administration, including the Proclamation of Emancipation.
  • His selection as Secretary was extremely fortunate for General Grant and his administration.
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