His And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For His And | His And Sentence

  • Eve was his and he was satisfied.
  • His and their protestations were disregarded.
  • Her eyes met his and smiled.
  • He caught her hand in his and she did not resist at once.
  • He caught her hands in his and held them.
  • Her hand groped for his and clung to it.
  • Her lips sought his and clung to them.
  • He had taken her hands in his and was crushing them.
  • The result was entirely in his and their favor.
  • A son of his and hers to fill a throne!
  • He caught her eyes in his and held them.
  • His and your profits just proportion keep.
  • Darrell spurred his and stood in the way.
  • Now she was his, and his life was hers.
  • His, and her feet also.
  • Cockrell put his arm under his and drew him away.
  • After a little she turned her eyes up to his and smiled.
  • One of her hands brushed his and he caught it irresistibly.
  • He took her hand in his and raised her to her feet.
  • She touched her lips to his and spoke his name again.
  • She raised her eyes to his and looked searchingly at him.
  • He takes her hand in his and strokes it gently.
  • Gently he took her hand in his and lifted it from his arm.
  • She wrenched her hands from his and faced him squarely.
  • The money was all his, and he gloated over it.
  • His eyes burned as hers met his and fell before them.
  • She put both her hands over both his and held them tight.
  • By accident her fingers touched his and rested there.
  • Molly lifted her eyes to his and shook her head.
  • He took her little hand in his and looked into her eyes.
  • Robin took one hand in his and sat silent.
  • He took the hand in both of his, and looked at it.
  • Then he felt a warm hand in his and lips at his ear.
  • Her eyes caught his, and she smiled.
  • The sea is his and new lands are his, as they are ours.

How To Use His And In A Sentence?

  • She put her arm through his, and they walked down.
  • Naradia laid her hands upon his and smiled sweetly.
  • Her fingers clutched his and yet kept him away.
  • Her groping hand found his and took the ticket.
  • He slid her arm within his and drew her forward.
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