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  • His behavior was a confession.
  • But his behavior was so unpardonable!
  • It has nothing to do with his behavior as a cadet.
  • Here his behavior was a little singular.
  • And what did the world say to his behavior?
  • His behavior for awhile back has been most peculiar.
  • This young person was very circumspect in his behavior.
  • Her enmity was roused by the courteous circumspection of his behavior.
  • The secret of all that has puzzled the land in his behavior lies in that fact.
  • Something unusual must have happened him, for his behavior was exceptional.

How To Use His Behavior In A Sentence?

  • And yet it was as understandable as any of his behavior during the last fortnight.
  • The queen trembled, for she began to think his behavior like the indignation of an honest man.
  • When the boy ran to meet the woman, the white man knew by his behavior that he was her child.
  • As they approached the town, Annele gave her bridegroom directions as to his behavior.
  • But Grant, it must be remembered, ranked even lower in his behavior record, standing at 149.
  • He determined to protect him and to protect this girl's innocence of his behavior.
  • His behavior in this affair proves that there isn't much of the right kind of stuff in him.
  • But what pleased them most of all was the quiet unobtrusiveness of his behavior, and the courtesy with which he treated everybody.
  • His behavior doesn't quite follow the pattern we usually expect from such cases as this.
  • Nothing eccentric had been discovered in his behavior; but she was convinced that he would astonish us before long.
  • The other exceptional feature of his behavior was a continuous growing, which at length waxed into a genuine soliloquy.
  • When being sworn he was ill at ease, and his behavior created a most unfavorable impression on spectators and court alike.
  • His behavior and whole bearing would have led me to doubt it, had not the place of his abode encouraged the idea.
  • But she met his courtesies, and the whole punctilious fabric of his behavior, with the utmost absence and nonchalance.
  • Moods when he contemplated his behavior lightly and brightly or darkly, in unrelieved disgust, moods when he refused to contemplate it at all.
  • It was he of whom men talked; his behavior commanded greatest interest; his future conduct was a constant source of speculation.
  • Perhaps many of them who so continuously extolled the Emperor were really honestly of opinion that his behavior was quite correct.
  • This actually happened, but I didn't consider his behavior as in any way remarkable.
  • After about an hour and three-quarter, Pauline became a little frightened at his behavior and descended to the cabin.
  • Indeed, if the truth were known, Gregoriev was strangely regretful of his behavior towards his chief.
  • In the winter, when she sat spinning beside the stove and it was too stormy to be out of doors, Rico had to be very careful of his behavior.
  • It unquestionably hath made our editor of the Whole Hog more modest and seemly in his behavior of late.
  • His behavior at the fight in Cholula had gained him the respect of the old soldier; who, however, was not wholly satisfied with him.
  • God alone knows if love, which softens most creatures, had ever come to Gulo; his behavior seemed to show that it had not.
  • His behavior at the death-bed of his little Daughter, so still, so great and loving, is among the most affecting things.
  • Raven, half amused, half touched, accommodated his behavior to their closer relation and waited for Dick to disclose himself.
  • The calmness and steadiness of his behavior in private, particularly in his family, appeared remarkable and exemplary to those who had most opportunity to observe it.
  • I shall not commit one act that my husband may not know of, and I shall expect a full knowledge of his behavior, whether at home or abroad.
  • The officer whose conduct in the skirmish was so discreditable would have been left to oblivion, had not his behavior to some ladies of the place been as disgraceful as his cowardice in battle.
  • His behavior to her was studiously kind, tempered with thorough respect; hoping by such means slowly and insidiously to reach his aim through the medium of her own affection.
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