His Crew In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For His Crew | His Crew Sentence

  • Him and all his crew!
  • In the midst of his crew.
  • Walton looked at his crew.
  • His crew understood at once.
  • Fosterdyke and the rest of his crew disembarked.
  • He and his crew had to pass the winter there.
  • Roland determined not to overwork his crew.
  • His crew cheered this statement enthusiastically.
  • Charley was with his crew brushing out the fire trail.
  • Marks and his crew had done the work for us.
  • Only one of his crew ever gained the land.
  • His crew consisted of three men and a negro cook.
  • Harvey and all his crew were, perhaps, killed.
  • If he had waited, his crew would have made their bump.
  • Captain Henley and his crew are prisoners.
  • And that was the doing of Heidrek himself, or of his crew.
  • Captain Baker last of all joined his crew.
  • The Captain answered in the very words of his crew.
  • The sound encouraged Adam and his crew to persevere.
  • He liked to see his crew watch Jan.
  • His crew consisted of two young slave Moors.
  • With these words Zac moved softly away to warn his crew.
  • HALL is hot-tempered and once killed one of his crew.
  • His crew?
  • COMUS, with his Crew.
  • After that his crew set the unattached switches beyond themselves.
  • He and his crew represent the end of our isolation in space.
  • When he sprang on board the boat his crew willingly followed.
  • He talked impatiently, for his crew had disappeared up the trail.
  • He knows that you tried to make his crew act contrary to his orders.
  • My ship was wrecked, and my captain and all his crew perished.
  • He hesitated to ask his crew, for he did not want to betray his ignorance.
  • He was anxious to engage his crew, and he ran the boat over to her moorings.
  • He yelled somethin' at his crew, and they got behind him.

How To Use His Crew In A Sentence?

  • At the same time the cross of the same order was awarded to the members of his crew.
  • Tug was disgusted but not disheartened, and he had his crew under way again instantly.
  • He and his crew were kindly treated by the chief of the little island on which they were driven.
  • Malone was hastily pulling his crew together in the mess room on the middle pontoon.
  • His crew crowded to his decks and gave cheer after cheer in sympathy for our desperate plight.
  • Barnum got here with his crew at daylight to fight fire, and his men have been talking about it.

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