His Feelings In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For His Feelings | His Feelings Sentence

  • They hurt his feelings.
  • John cannot restrain his feelings.
  • You can imagine his feelings!
  • All his feelings for her were pure.
  • But now his feelings were different.
  • He had to relieve his feelings.
  • That was expressive of his feelings.
  • You know his feelings about it.
  • Could he describe his feelings to me?
  • His feelings were impulsive.
  • What must his feelings have been!
  • He was hoarse from the intensity of his feelings.
  • His feelings were curiously mixed.
  • And yet she understood his feelings.
  • Still by an effort he controlled his feelings.
  • And were these to be his feelings ever hereafter?
  • For once his feelings were beyond expression.
  • But he managed to dissemble his feelings.
  • He went out to relieve his feelings.
  • His feelings were absolutely pure.
  • Words failed to express his feelings.
  • Soothe his feelings beautifully after the banquet.
  • Bill explained his feelings picturesquely.
  • His feelings had been cruelly outraged.
  • His feelings were not otherwise touched.
  • Still he avoided any further expression of his feelings.
  • And he had thought she understood his feelings.
  • And his feelings were now of the deepest chagrin.
  • I smiled with fondness on his feelings!
  • Nor did he try to analyze his feelings.
  • I never discovered his feelings.
  • Evidently his face betrayed his feelings.
  • All his feelings were concentrated on his father.
  • Nor was it in his nature to conceal his feelings.
  • It might hurt his feelings.

How To Use His Feelings In A Sentence?

  • His feelings almost overcame him.
  • He could not restrain his feelings.
  • No profits can compensate his feelings.
  • His feelings were placid and complacent as usual.
  • On this point he made no secret of his feelings.
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