His Grip In A Sentence

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  • And his grip shut down.
  • His grip was tyrannic.
  • His grip tightened on her arm.
  • His grip on her arm tightened.
  • His grip almost hurt her.
  • Witham tightened his grip on the reins.
  • He mastered himself and released his grip.
  • His grip ate into my arm.
  • His grip relaxed and he stepped back.
  • The guard released his grip on the gun.
  • He grinned and started to release his grip.
  • She wrenched her arm free from his grip.
  • He tightened his grip slightly and she shuddered.
  • And then quite suddenly she felt his grip relax.
  • His grip tightened, and he forced her to look at him.
  • Revenge he had had; love now seemed within his grip.
  • His grip was relaxing....
  • With the fall, his assailant lost his grip of his throat.
  • Wells, alarmed, released his grip on the knob.
  • Professor Scattergood tightened his grip.
  • And then Angus got his grip.
  • He did not intend to lose his grip of the Kansan.
  • But Stover released his grip not a whit.
  • Jam your arm into his windpipe while I break his grip.
  • Mr. Gilbert never loses his grip upon realities.
  • But it held, and Aldous hung to his grip on the ear.
  • Detective Spotson demanded, loosening his grip somewhat.
  • Austen kept his grip and regarded Mr. Tooting thoughtfully.
  • His grip relaxed.
  • He loosed his grip.
  • His grip tightened.
  • He discovered that he had left his address book in his grip.
  • Jason leaned back against the side of the truck as the other loosened his grip.
  • His grip was searched and letters of a most incriminating nature were found.
  • Constance cried with pain as the villain slowly tightened his grip.

How To Use His Grip In A Sentence?

  • When he could no longer hear the bubbles he loosed his grip.
  • She struggled to escape from his grip, but he held her firmly.
  • He put his grip on the floor and came back to the living room.
  • Carefully he tightened his grip with his right hand and let go with the left.
  • Yet law was the giant he had undertaken to wrestle with, and he kept his grip.
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