His Smile In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For His Smile | His Smile Sentence

  • Many waited for his smile.
  • His smile was mockery itself.
  • His smile is captivating!
  • His smile puzzled her.
  • His smile was forced.
  • His smile was captivating.
  • His smile did not alter.
  • His smile answered her.
  • But his smile was not for her ladyship.
  • There was no bitterness in his smile.
  • His smile was reassuring.
  • His smile irritated her.
  • His smile was irresistible.
  • She brightened under his smile.
  • His smile was a blessing.
  • And have you noticed his smile?
  • There was patience in his smile.
  • His smile was foxlike.
  • His smile was engaging.
  • His smile was a caress.
  • His smile stiffened on his lips.
  • And how good and graceful was his smile!
  • His smile grew softer.
  • His smile was no longer visible.
  • And his smile angered his sister.
  • His smile was mirthlessly sardonic.
  • Yet this impression was but the prelude to his smile.
  • She was aware of his smile as she arose.
  • But this time she caught his smile.
  • His smile was not quite pleasant.
  • When he opened them his smile was ghastly.
  • His smile was full of meaning.
  • But the girl did not answer his smile.
  • All the world return his smile!
  • And he did not know where to wear his smile.

How To Use His Smile In A Sentence?

  • His smile lasted while he watched her.
  • He embraced the room with his smile.
  • There really was exultation in his smile.
  • His smile was as delightful as always.
  • And again his smile put her at ease.
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