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  • And worthily his state maintained.
  • Naturally he wants his state to have the honor.
  • His state is really pathetic.
  • His state of mind was intelligible.
  • Of his state we talked often.
  • He moves toward his state-room.
  • He was a little angry at his state of mind.
  • As to his state, he is blind.
  • The captain reveled in the comfort of his state.
  • Seeing his state his companions began to deride him.
  • She was absorbed in his state of exhaustion and passivity.
  • His state of mind rendered him an object of compassion.
  • Baryu must needs observe his state as widower.
  • In strength and virtue, guardian of his state.
  • He named his State with pride.
  • He rules his State admirably.
  • What is "his state," in line five?
  • The god followed the fortunes of his State.
  • His State was opposed to all and every compromise.
  • By this time Sam was coming out of his state-room.
  • He sits in his state, as a thing made for Alexander.
  • Thank God, his State was not troubled with such.
  • Lord Aberdeen made his state entry on February 3, 1906.
  • Thurloe, John, his State papers, 172.
  • Try and picture to yourself his state of mind during those fourteen days!
  • The consequence was that he was rejected, and he had to return to his state.
  • For a moment anger triumphed over his state of nervous excitability.
  • Was his state of mind to be taken so very seriously, even by himself?
  • His personal freedom also tends to increase the difficulty of his state.
  • With entire submission he met this sudden change in his state and prospects.
  • His varied accomplishments soon made him the most popular man in his state.
  • His state had pressed upon him every honour within its gift.
  • Peter could not confer health upon the man in spite of his state of mind.
  • It was a queer thing to see a man in his state of health smoking a cigarette.

How To Use His State In A Sentence?

  • He might as well have taken you from the gallows to seat you on his state elephant.
  • In so doing he bends it to suit his times, and to further the welfare of his state.
  • He would alter the life of the citizens of his state from the very moment of birth.
  • I think so myself, but we have seen what was his character and his state of mind in general.
  • Clearly she was too far from his state of mind to share it now, or even to understand it.
  • So he is quickly absorbed in the little narrow close where that vintner maintains his state.
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