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  • Give a culprit his term and have done with it.
  • In a month or two his term would be up.
  • Compeyson had served out his term, and was now free.
  • During his term of office he wore episcopal vestments.
  • No Witchcraft prosecutions during his term of office.
  • President Pierce began his term of office quietly enough.
  • Would his face be any the less hard at the expiration of his term?
  • His term has been marked by the murder and exile of priests and bishops.
  • He was elected provincial in 1653 and during his term was a vigilant worker.
  • At the end of his term of office he went into voluntary retirement.
  • He would finish out his term with the farmer without any violent outbreak.
  • It would have to come very early in his term of servitude, too.
  • He served out his term with time off for good behavior and finally got out.
  • And when his term was done he would abandon the farm life forever.
  • Burr served out his term as vice president amid a whirlwind of national hatred.
  • It was during his term of office that the lamented Henry Wilson died.
  • His term of office was to begin December 1, 1857, and to continue four years.
  • In March, 1797, his term expired, and he returned to Virginia.
  • He began his term October 28, 1612, and in 1621 was appointed viceroy of Peru.
  • His term of seven years expired in Van Diemen's Land.
  • He worked on and on in the convict's cell, till at last his term was out.

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  • In truth he is vested with all the attributes of sovereignty during his term of office.
  • His term was reduced three months because of his excellent conduct while in prison.
  • What disillusionment the year had brought him since he had begun his term as volunteer!
  • He was arrested on his return, and compelled to serve out the remainder of his term of service.
  • Pennsylvania made his term of office three years and gave him the veto power in 1790.
  • His term was a busy one, and a number of churches and convents were erected during it.
  • His term as senator expired in 1858, and his re-election seemed essential to his success.
  • His master came daily at the same time, and at length his term of instruction drew to a close.
  • At the completion of his term he was sent to the village of Cuyo as associate to the prior.
  • Douglas was again at the center of the stage, but his term as Senator was nearing its end.
  • During his term also Recollects were successful in pacifying many disaffected districts.
  • The chief events of his term were the piratical raids, chiefly by French corsairs.
  • He represents royalty in the county during his term of office, which I believe is only two years.
  • Only I don't want him to get punky, so he isn't fit to come back when his term is over.
  • His action in the matter brought him very near to impeachment, but he brazened it out until the expiration of his term.
  • Clark recovered to reenlist upon the expiration of his term of service, and served to the close of the war.
  • When he had served out his term and been re-elected, a strong effort was made to prevent his taking his seat.
  • And each boy made up his mind that during his term as sentry nothing could induce him to saunter near that marked territory.
  • At the expiration of his term in 1786, he was unanimously re-elected, and again unanimously in 1787.
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