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  • But there were no hisses now.
  • Some hisses were heard.
  • Here and there hisses were heard.
  • An explosion of hisses and voices!
  • We are safe from hisses and below the hope of applause.
  • A storm of cheers and hisses followed.
  • It leaps into the night and hisses against the rain.
  • There was a storm of hisses and opprobrious cries.
  • Relieved by the non-appearance of the hisses he expected.
  • Cheers and hisses grew louder and louder as he spoke.
  • Crush one, and another hisses in thy face.
  • The cold air hisses between us . . .
  • Williams got to his coach amidst a tempest of hisses and curses.
  • We moved off slowly down the hill amid the hisses of the crowd.
  • A fresh volley of hisses broke from the very heart of the hall.
  • With all its might and fury the frantic river hisses and roars and lashes it.
  • The hisses were deafening, obliging the women to cover their ears.
  • Ominous hisses kept them away, and they hated hissing as all actors do.
  • Ditson sneaked away, the hisses of his classmates sounding in his ears.

How To Use Hisses In A Sentence?

  • Off in the night there were clangings and hisses that might have been factory noises.
  • The steam roars overhead and leaks and hisses through the joints of the pipes and glands.
  • That is taken only with broad and obscene wit, and hisses any thing too deep for him.
  • The public became less restless, ceasing to gesticulate, but the shouts and hisses continued.
  • He is sweet, kind, but his laughter hisses like that of a serpent; he smiles but he has no heart.
  • I grew angry and sent forth several sharp hisses before I knew what I was doing ...
  • The heated iron hisses when it is plunged into the trough, but shall we hiss at each other like geese or serpents?
  • An excited gentleman in the dress-circle reiterated the same ideas, and was rewarded by a torrent of hisses and caterwauling.
  • The people in the shade applauded with class enthusiasm, while the audience in the sun broke into hisses and jibes.
  • This unexpected act of cruelty drew hisses from the spectators, but they were soon absorbed in watching the behavior of the dog.
  • She was so close that he could see the steam rising from her wet clothes, and the hisses of the animal were audible above his own heavy breathing.
  • The bird frequently makes a kind of cackling noise, and when enraged at an enemy, it hisses very loudly.
  • And the burning wood hissed in the eye, just as the red-hot iron hisses in the water when a man seeks to temper steel for a sword.
  • And it may be the madness of a dream even so much as to speak of "unity" while creation seethes and hisses in its terrible vortex.
  • If one hisses and steams, it indicates a fretful temper in owner of chestnut; if both chestnuts equally misbehave it augurs strife.
  • The animal drew away from the encounter, running, bellowing with fury, while the rows of seats burst out into hisses and protests.
  • And 'twixt long claps and hisses did succeed A stern contention; victory being dubious.
  • The brilliant and melodious duet for Almaviva and Figaro was sung in the midst of hisses and derisive shouts.
  • The Mountain groans and hisses as the question is raised, but the dictation had not extended to this point, and the question must be discussed.
  • This red rag, flung in the faces of the "war faction," called forth hisses and hoots from the no-surrender element.
  • These Bullard watches coolly, and from time to time reaches back past me to turn the injector-cock, whereupon steam hisses by my head.

Definition of Hisses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hiss | plural of hiss
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