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How To Use Historical In A Sentence?

  • This may be true in certain cases, but historical evidence is not to be obtained.
  • Maharashtra, moreover, has historical traditions, by no means inglorious, of its own.
  • The claim of the modern Bengalees to be regarded as a "nation" has no historical basis.
  • The Brahmans of Bengal have never within historical times been a politically dominant force.
  • A short historical comparison will assist in making the Social Democratic action still clearer.
  • The Panama Congress was without practical results, and it possesses merely an historical interest.
  • Mount Orgueil, in point of historical association, is by far the most interesting spot in Jersey.
  • I challenge the proof of any one apparent historical fact, in either Old or New Testament.
  • People came gadding from all over the country to consult his historical criticisms and interpretations.
  • It does not yield to logic and historical facts, because it is in its very nature unreasoning and unreasonable.
  • But most of the historical houses are masked or lost in the modern uses to which trade or charity has converted them.
  • Vergil had a lively historical sense and in his hero seems only to have attempted a picture of a primitive king of the heroic age.
  • It is always a boon to historical literature when a man of learning and industry devotes himself to a monograph of any particular person or period.
  • Some of us started historical debates, and new views were presented which furnished both amusement and instruction.
  • Germany has held that this rock hinders, even endangers, her just and historical development in the world.
  • About what was "primitive," as we have no historical information on the topic, we express no opinion at all.
  • The succession in time of human ideas is also the eternal 'now'; it is historical and also a divine ideal.
  • The early Scandinavian traditions and historical writings, are pregnant with ghosts and other supernatural agents.
  • Both Church and steeple date from about the middle of the twelfth century, and possess great historical and architectural interest.
  • However, if the ruler could somehow get his followers to accept the story of his divine authority as historical fact, then he need prove nothing.
  • The philosophy of Hegel appeals to an historical criterion: the ideas of men have a succession in time as well as an order of thought.
  • Even then, be it noticed, the religion of Egypt was old and full-grown; there are no historical traces of its beginnings.
  • So ran the newspaper posters in the streets at midday of December 16th, 1914, an announcement grim with historical import.
  • Tradition and myth doubtless retained some historical truth when they averred that the orgies of the god had been accepted with reluctance into state religion.
  • It especially emphasizes the historical and practical aspects of the subject and connects the study very intimately with facts of daily observation and experience.
  • It is almost time to treat the whole affair from the historical point of view, and then the idol of Home Rule will be pulverised.
  • Our conversation naturally referred to the historical incident that had given so much interest to the spot; and finally we spoke of this very subject.
  • It would have been easy to extract from Cean Bermudez the same historical details; but it could only have resulted in a thrice-told tale.
  • Professor Roth thinks the Asvins contain an historical element, and are "the earliest bringers of light in the morning sky".

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Historical | Historical Sentence

  • I never had a historical mind.
  • But that is not a sound historical method of approach.
  • Our historical interests have never collided.
  • An Historical Study in Fiction.
  • But the feudal system can be seen with less pain on large historical grounds.
  • An historical event might be discussed under the heads: A.
  • Always indeed the State, the historical and objective, points beyond itself.
  • The fast historical event of national importance was the American Revolution.
  • It is not historical that Harald held undue intercourse with William's wife.
  • Indeed, they remained an historical record of earlier life in Heart's Desire.
  • WARWICK CASTLE, an Historical Novel.

Definition of Historical

Of, concerning, or in accordance with recorded history, (particularly) as opposed to legends, myths, and fictions. | Of, concerning, or in accordance with the past generally. | Of, concerning, or in accordance with the scholarly discipline of history.
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