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  • The same is historically true of governments.
  • Such a statement is historically false.
  • This point of priority we can never historically settle.
  • A second stage historically is seen in the fifth verse.
  • The emotions are historically first and most prominent.
  • When and how this convocation originated is not historically clear.
  • There is no reason why that account should not be historically true.
  • Its great main stem historically is the Roman Catholic Church.

How To Use Historically In A Sentence?

  • Whether he murdered them all or whether they died of delight is not historically certain.
  • It is historically evident and manifest that these bonds are not self-sufficient.
  • Perhaps it is historically true that no order of society ever perishes save by its own hand.
  • Costumes, scenery and all the settings nowadays must be both historically authentic and costly.
  • Though nowadays of diminishing practical importance, its incidents are historically interesting.
  • The instinct of women to build up the forms of social life is deep-rooted and historically sound.
  • The chorus sing the ascension historically with the words from 2 Kings ii.
  • The literature of the New Testament must be understood historically if understood at all.
  • The story is historically true, the battle having actually taken place in the reign of Robert III.
  • Psychologically and historically the human spirit is liberated and nature is let loose at the same time.
  • I am not denying that the feeling of muscular effort historically led to the formulation of the concept of force.
  • An incident of this day which is as significant historically as any other was on the surface no more than a friendly talk between two men.
  • By the time the spaces were filled it would be a document historically valuable now and then to autograph collectors.
  • Yet the fact is patent, and if we considered the matter historically it might not prove inexplicable.
  • Criticism and tradition together show that there are two great streams from which all historically trustworthy material has been derived.
  • Whether this historically developed system really coincides with our idea of formal democracy is another question.
  • Could you call a place dull which was first heard of historically in connection with a reward for killing wolves?
  • It is aesthetically incorrect, to be sure, but it is in line historically with former demonstrations.
  • Poetry is thus the more natural, and both historically and psychologically, the more primitive of the two arts.
  • Whether or not the saying is historically correct, it suggests that harmony of mental playfulness and seriousness describes the artistic ideal.
  • As for religion, at least two distinct practical appreciations of the universe have been historically associated with this chapter in philosophy.
  • This may be regarded as historically and architecturally the kernel of the Roman house; it is found in all of which we have any knowledge.
  • This account may not be historically true, but it represents the unquenchable spirit of Judaism in face of the disaster.
  • If we met savages with a God and no ghosts, we could not be historically certain that a higher had not obliterated a lower creed.
  • That little princess, historically the first who washed household linen in public, was, when so engaged, surprised by the shipwrecked hero.
  • But that was soon abandoned, apparently for the reason that a little examination of the authorities convinced the poet that it was not historically true.
  • Again, this inherited aptitude of the community for the industry historically associated with it is a prime element in the economic prosecution of the industry.
  • Above St. Francis is one of the most precious gems, historically and intrinsically considered, of the collection.
  • And this account will dispense us from dealing, at corresponding length, with the individually more important but historically subordinate books which followed.
  • It is historically certain that the Island of Iceland is inhabited by a nation descended from emigrants from the opposite Norwegian coast.
  • From the most backward races historically known to us, to those of our own status, all have been more or less washed by the waters of this double stream of religion.
  • To effect this development and application has been historically the work of the Church which owes its origin to the disciples whom he gathered around him.

Definition of Historically

In a historic manner; with reference to history or the historical record. | According to history: formerly, in the past, traditionally. | To an unprecedented or extremely rare degree.
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