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  • I commenced to hobble back after my gun.
  • But how you hobble along on that one skate!
  • The way he has to hobble along with his lame leg!
  • He could only hobble with the help of spades as crutches.
  • Some men oughtta put a hobble on their tongues.
  • That old man could not hobble away very far.
  • I'd like to hobble him out here for a week.
  • Know how to tether and hobble and when to give feed and drink.
  • Sitting there, she watched him unsaddle and hobble their beasts.
  • If you'll stick to the handles, I'll make shift to hobble on by your side.
  • He knew that they had been on Gary's horse, as he had seen Gary hobble him.
  • But she couldn't have worn a hobble skirt and an aigrette at the "Eden."...

How To Use Hobble In A Sentence?

  • We can hobble the horses in that little open plain we crossed a quarter of a mile back.
  • Our people when they are in a hobble always like to employ him, though he is somewhat dear.
  • The lame had managed to hobble along, and the blind were equally anxious to touch us.
  • Indeed, she could but hobble painfully, a few steps at a time, with that assistance.
  • The prisoners had thus far been docile and I did not think it necessary to hobble them.
  • For a week I contrived to hobble after him, but it was impossible to go on any longer.
  • The horses were so fresh that to hobble them two of the quietest had to be caught to round with them the others up.
  • Just as the gangplank was about to be pulled in the deckhands waited to permit a very feeble and bent old man to hobble aboard.
  • However, the effect is magnificent, and he can now hobble about camp and be useful to a certain extent.
  • Still, patience was a galling hobble when he had so little time, when even now they might be hunting him.
  • This must not be often repeated, nor must the horse be forced from a fair canter into a hobble or amble.
  • It takes the same length of time to lose the marks of the woonds and bruises, and they have to hobble round on the same kind of crutches.
  • Men roused themselves from sleep to cheer the young Whiting and to hobble the horses out and feed them.
  • The tone of command in which he spoke seemed to act like a charm on the old doctor, for he turned at once to hobble from the room.
  • He saw that she thought so, and perhaps it made him hobble slightly more, not vaingloriously, but because he was such an artist.
  • Bandages and supporters of India rubber avail him much when first he begins to hobble about his ward.
  • Course he's slim yet, but it's the kind of slim like rawhide that you could hobble a elephant with.
  • He had not been to see them for several days now, since the man was able to leave his bed and hobble about the house, in fact.
  • However, her ankle was somewhat better and when occasion demanded, she could hobble across the room without support.
  • She claims for her body the liberty to move one year with the long stride of a running fowl, and the next at a hobble like a spancelled goat.
  • They sit in the parks with unhealed wounds; they hobble along the streets, many of them weary and worn; poor fellows!
  • The kneelers at the shrine start up and hobble forward to stare and wonder at that strange world whence she comes, so far away at Lucca.
  • The guild of tattered wanderers naturally nourished this superstition, and to permit one of its members to hobble off muttering threats or curses was looked upon as suicidal.
  • If I hobble Freckles again, he may attack the pony and Freckles could not defend himself so well if he were hobbled.
  • How many have to hobble along on crutches because they were never taught to help themselves, but to lean upon a father's wealth or a mother's indulgence?
  • Strength enough to permit him to hobble along had returned to the ankle at last, and mind must control the rest of his nervous system, however weakened it might be.
  • There is nothing else which will so break for us the poor hobble of everyday sights and sounds and habits and tasks, by which our thinking and feeling are naturally tethered to a little worn round.
  • Indeed, he could hardly have concealed the latter, as his whole foot was bandaged up, and he had to hobble about, very awkwardly, with the aid of a cane.

Definition of Hobble

To fetter by tying the legs; to restrict (a horse) with hobbles. | To walk lame, or unevenly. | (figuratively) To move roughly or irregularly.
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