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  • Numerous edicts prohibited hoeing and weeding, lest young partridges should be destroyed.
  • Some were hoeing the light soil, and others, squatted on their haunches, were weeding.
  • When I was a small boy, my father watched me one day hoeing in my little garden.
  • All the morning Jasper Randall was busy hoeing potatoes in the large field near the main highway.
  • He was hoeing the rows of potatoes with a sort of dogged determination to find interest in the work.
  • He went out to his hoeing with an unformulated idea that the tension of social life had let up a little.
  • This view of the matter lends a dignity to the art of hoeing which nothing else does, and lifts it into the region of ethics.
  • During their growth they require hoeing once or twice, to thin and keep them clean, if the land be foul.
  • And here were mile-wide cotton fields, with the black people hoeing in them and looking no bigger than flocks of birds feeding.
  • The gardener can significantly reduce spring moisture loss by frequently hoeing weeds until the top inch or two of earth is dry and powdery.
  • A peon, lazily hoeing in the ditch, straightened his bent back and eyed the stranger in mild curiosity.
  • For hoeing corn or rough weeding there is record of one shilling per week, and this is the usual wage for old women.
  • The white who runs one plow, whose wife and children do the hoeing and picking, probably makes ten bales.
  • Magda, who had been hoeing in the garden, came through the hedge, and, with the hoe in her hand, went up to the child.
  • And any mulch, even a thin one, makes hoeing virtually impossible, while hand weeding through mulch is tedious.
  • One day, when out hoeing in the fields, he beheld a nice-looking young lady leave the path and come tripping across the furrows toward him.
  • Plenty of bodily out of door exercise, hoeing in the garden, walking, or working on the farm; of course not too heavy work must be indulged in.
  • They and our bushmen are much of a kind, though I'm not quite sure that the hardest hoeing didn't fall to the sailor.
  • I was hoeing the garden at the very foot of Greylock, little thinking that Bill was in so much trouble on top.
  • The real fact is that about the year 1868 a small proprietor named Pulzella discovered, while hoeing his field, the entrance to a buried chamber.
  • But when he again resumed his hoeing he worked more fiercely than ever, and there was danger at times lest the frail hoe should break beneath his tremendous strokes.
  • So they concerted a plan of sneaking quietly around the house that they might come upon him suddenly, for they saw him working in his garden, hoeing up the weeds.
  • She had no great opinion of agriculture; and though she had taken part in planting and hoeing with a pleasurable zest, she had never entertained herself with the thought that she was engaged in a great work.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hoeing | Hoeing Sentence

  • Another man hoeing up potatoes.
  • It was almost as lonesome as hoeing corn.
  • I saw the owner of the boat hoeing in the garden.
  • They set me at work with the squaws, hoeing corn.
  • Ralph hung his head, and began hoeing vigorously his row.
  • Sarah Brown, with a deep sigh, began hoeing again.
  • The first thing he saw was Mr. McGregor hoeing onions.
  • The old man gave him one keen glance, and began hoeing again.
  • Abner Levens was perceived from a distance, hoeing in a field.
  • Hal and Mab did, hoeing away each afternoon when school was out.
  • As I returned to the gnatcatchers, a chewink was hoeing in the sand stream.
  • They found the latter, as usual, hoeing his garden, Bran assisting him.
  • What I was going to say; you've no need to bother with hoeing potatoes.

Definition of Hoeing

present participle of hoe | The act of digging, weeding, etc. with a hoe.
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