Hogan In A Sentence

Definition of Hogan

A one-room Navajo dwelling or ceremonial lodge, constructed of wood and earth and covered with mud.

How To Use Hogan In A Sentence?

  • The building of a hogán and its first occupancy are attended with ceremony and prayer.
  • Inside the hogán stood four large jewel posts upon which the gods hung their masks.
  • Before the body is taken out, the hogán is vacated and all necessary utensils are carried away.
  • At that instant Hogan lolled against the jamb and announced his entrance with a laugh.
  • In the midst of the smoke-filled deck, Hogan was applying his match to another.
  • The navvies ate ravenously enough, but Hogan and Deschaillon were not so wolfish.
  • I'm what Hogan calls wan iv th' mute, ingloryous heroes iv th' war; an' not so dam mute, ayther.
  • One at a time these novices take their place in the centre of the hogán and the initiatory rite is performed over them.
  • I ran after Jake Hogan and his men when I heard them pass, and begged Jake to let Tom off.
  • After the unmasking, the singers take their place at one side of the back of the hogán and begin singing to the accompaniment of a basket drum.
  • Greer himself stared, then moved forward automatically to continue his onslaught, when Hogan grabbed him.
  • Generally they are used for the one occasion only, but in localities where there are very few trees the same ceremonial hogán may be used for a generation or more.
  • At the jail door Hogan encountered Barbara piteously begging the men to spare her brother's life.
  • The two maskers come running in, uttering weird, unearthly howls, in which every spectator in the hogán joins, feigning great fear.
  • Two men ran off with Hogan to the forward bridge; the others stared, waved, shouted and let their excitement bubble down.
  • Tom recognized the harsh voice, and realized his danger in perceiving that the resentful Jake Hogan was leading those who sought to lynch him.
  • A youth and a maiden are required to sit in the hogán throughout the fourth night, the ritual requiring that these be persons who have not had sexual knowledge.
  • If a meal were cooked with decayed wood from a hogán a hundred years deserted, a Navaho, even if starving, could not be induced to partake of it.
  • When the men had strung around the long table, Mike Hogan arose and the men became quiet as if at some preconcerted signal.
  • Jake Hogan had already gone out to muster his men, and Hiram was very impatient at the long time it took him to work his way outward.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hogan | Hogan Sentence

  • Bill Hogan was our factotum.
  • Fortunately Hogan had flopped down on deck in time.
  • But some wan must be sacrificed, as Hogan says.
  • The two men were Hogan and Deschaillon.
  • Sometimes a hogán is demolished over the dead and then left to decay.
  • Inez Hogan (A); 5Jun61; R276804.
  • The hogán in which death occurs is forever abandoned, often burned.
  • Presently from the port side Hogan raised his voice guardedly.
  • Edited by William Ransom Hogan and Edwin Adams Davis.
  • The ceremonial, or medicine, hogán is built some days in advance of the rite.
  • Just then a head came up over the rail just above Hogan and Mulcher.
  • Captain Hogan became the owner of the site of the village of Lissoy.
  • Then he contrived to encounter Jake Hogan in the very thick of the crowd.
  • Jim Hogan at this time made overtures of renewed friendship to Caius.
  • But, annyhow, he's doomed, as Hogan says.
  • Ketch Jake Hogan asleep, won' cheh!
  • Jake Hogan tell his ornery good-fer-nothin' hide won't hold shucks.
  • They've money enough to start, an' it'll not cost ol' ma-an Hogan a cint.
  • Th' banns has been called between little Dalia Hogan an' big Tom Moran.
  • Suddenly Hogan bawled out: "By th' port!

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