Hoisted In A Sentence

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  • We hoisted ourselves up after him.
  • He hoisted him so far.
  • Wee now hoisted our colours.
  • Sally hoisted her shoulders.
  • A signal was hoisted on the raider.
  • He slowly hoisted his hands.
  • The pack was hoisted from the boat.
  • The stranger hoisted a signal.
  • Topsails were hoisted out from below and gantlines bent.
  • The flag was being hoisted on the slope below them.
  • Sally hoisted her shoulders in doubt.
  • He therefore hoisted the signal of recall.
  • She lowered her sails and hoisted out a boat.
  • The besieged hoisted the white flag.
  • Presently the last keg was hoisted into the wagon.
  • The enemy at once hoisted their colors and turned away.
  • British colours hoisted at, 79.
  • He hoisted the canvas, and they pushed off.
  • The brown sail was hoisted and stretched with the sprit.
  • At length a white handkerchief was hoisted on a stick.
  • But the noble lord had him hoisted anew to the canopy.
  • A virtuous puppet can be hoisted to a tinsel castle.
  • I erected the mast of my boat and hoisted our flag.
  • The falls were hooked on, and the boat hoisted up.
  • The men cheered as they saw the chests hoisted up the side.
  • Sails were hoisted upon the staunch, little vessel.
  • So I hoisted him on my back.
  • The present Union will be hoisted at sunrise.
  • The Germans hoisted their colours and drew back.
  • MacRae hoisted the carbine to his shoulder, and we started.
  • He hoisted it; Sultan shot away from under it.
  • He hoisted the Union Jack on the pinnacles of Thought.
  • They are hoisted into the boats and then are very sea-sick.
  • And he hoisted himself to the table and stretched out on his back.
  • He had hoisted the sail and they were scudding rapidly before the wind.

How To Use Hoisted In A Sentence?

  • He hoisted the banner of the oneness of the world of humanity.
  • Immediately we hoisted a sail which carried us through the other breakers.
  • Flags were hoisted and amid general cheering the moorings were cast off.
  • The stretcher was hoisted up and slid into the bottom berth of the car.
  • Each particle of sunlight dangling as if hoisted from a perfumed ledge.

Definition of Hoisted

simple past tense and past participle of hoist
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