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How To Use Hold Together In A Sentence?

  • Democracy without education cannot long hold together or be saved from mediocrity and caprice.
  • As he ran he prayed for the clouds to hold together until he reached the dark wood.
  • You cannot make one so small that the glass will hold together if you try to break it across.
  • And even a steel tug will not hold together long with a sea pounding over her like this one was.
  • However, the planks did hold together yet; and now the question was, Could any thing be done?
  • I tore away the shirt, and endeavored to hold together the edges of the wound until it was bandaged.
  • She was certain they would never go on again, and wondered how they had been made to hold together this last time.
  • In mixing the feed enough water should be added to bring the material to a consistency where it will hold together when squeezed in the hand.
  • To make the tangled threads hold together and get a grip of the facts was no light business, but at last the bill of indictment was drawn up.
  • Though the sea, which washed over the reef, still beat against her, she might possibly hold together for some time.
  • We artists have to hold together or the business men will bowl us out like a lot of skittles, and where will the theatre be then?...
  • But I'm afraid 'twill prove a crazy match, And will not hold together long. PHI.
  • Another form of dextrin sold as "Kordex" is used to hold together the sand of the cores of castings.
  • No society could hold together for a moment in the condition of moral decay which he attributes to the Northern States.
  • Is it to the interest of France that the bonds which hold together the German Confederation should be strengthened or relaxed?
  • In narration and description the paragraph sometimes begins with a concise, comprehensive statement serving to hold together the details that follow.
  • The ancient walls, which made the whole of the Mount Palatine a fortress, still hold together its earth and its ruins.
  • Take a handful of the manure and squeeze it tight; it should be unctuous enough to hold together in a lump, and so dry that you can not squeeze a drop of water out of it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hold Together | Hold Together Sentence

  • Only a few meet and hold together a long time.
  • Such things never hold together very long.
  • It will hold together for this time, I think.
  • The Irish hold together in religion, politics, and drink.
  • When there is not enough wool to hold together it goes into our clothing.
  • In politics and in war, they hold together as by hooks of steel.
  • She won't hold together another quarter of an hour.
  • The society could not, however, hold together without further organisation.
  • But can the Allies hold together as one man for two or three or four years?
  • Now, I suppose, they'll hold together somehow, though it can't be very well.

Definition of Hold Together

(transitive) To cause to stay together. | (figuratively, idiomatic) Synonym of hold it together: to cope with adversity. | (intransitive) To stay together.
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