Hold Up In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hold Up | Hold Up Sentence

  • I cannot hold up my head after that.
  • If only he could hold up these.
  • If they can but hold up it will be noble.
  • For what hold up hand?
  • She would hold up her courage until then.
  • I hold up my face to be kissed.
  • One hand seemed to hold up the chin.
  • Come, hold up your noddles!
  • Then he called upon him to hold up his hands.
  • Master, hold up a while longer.
  • She says she will never hold up her head again.
  • At what age should a child hold up its head?
  • Thou art troubled to hold up thy horses.
  • Whole forests are cut down to hold up the mine galleries.
  • It is hard to hold up a shield night and day.
  • You that agree with me, hold up your hands!
  • In a few moments they hold up two, complete.
  • She felt as though she could never hold up her head again.
  • Lucy, my dear, hold up your head.
  • She was utterly exhausted, and unable to hold up her head.
  • For nose-bleed, hold up the right arm.
  • Why hold up Choricius to ridicule?
  • It was concocted to hold up Vane to your scorn.
  • The first to hold up his hand was Ephraim Higgins.
  • The poplar that stood by the path was the first to hold up his.
  • After four o'clock we can hold up all we want.
  • I'm going now to hold up the fast freight.
  • At this point you may hold up the pamphlet and announce its price.
  • All he knew was that he would never be able to hold up that head again.
  • I am married to you, and my children can hold up their heads with anyone.
  • If you can't hold up that river, where are we going to be?
  • His squaws should again hold up their heads, his pappooses cease their crying.
  • The student must hold up every tone for comparison with his ideal tone.
  • The branches of the old trees could hardly hold up all the fine fruit on them.
  • Once more, indeed, the camp was entitled to hold up its head.
  • One expects every minute to see one of them pull a gun and hold up a fellow.

How To Use Hold Up In A Sentence?

  • Let it be noted that the voices will carry further if the boys hold up their heads.
  • The subjective breath of their own epoch dims the mirror which they hold up to nature.
  • We hold up our little candle and we consider that its light dispels the general night.
  • They should hold up their heads under their true names and enjoy anew all their former privileges.

Definition of Hold Up

(idiomatic, intransitive) To wait or delay. | (transitive) To impede; detain. | To support or lift.
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