Holdings in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Holdings

1. My holdings are too heavy for him to swing. 🔊

2. Upon these holdings the principal crop was the potato. 🔊

3. The number of small holdings is on the increase, if anything. 🔊

4. The promoters of the Genesee country were advertising their holdings widely. 🔊

5. All the same Larry judged that the real-estate holdings were in a bad way. 🔊

6. Envy of the missions' immense holdings undoubtedly had its influence. 🔊

7. The holdings might rise in value--who could say? 🔊

How to use Holdings in Sentences?

1. Even courts of justice change their rulings and holdings when they find themselves in error. 🔊

2. He needed a reliable man to help him manage the different holdings he had been accumulating. 🔊

3. They therefore refused to deliver their holdings and an inevitable struggle ensued for control. 🔊

4. But the law protected him from unjust usage; his holdings were usually regranted to his son. 🔊

5. The holdings vary from one to forty acres, but are more commonly from three to six. 🔊

6. The extent of their land holdings is known; these cannot be hid in a safe deposit vault. 🔊

7. These holdings do not in view of what we have told, give the negro farmer any strong foothold. 🔊

8. If England were parcelled out into small holdings the nation would no longer exist. 🔊

9. Now these holdings were recalled sharply to memory, and both of them took train to Coldriver. 🔊

10. On the Appleton holdings along Blood River the pine stood tall and straight and uncut. 🔊

11. They are confident that their holdings are impregnable against democracy coming invincibly against them. 🔊

12. Our travellers only let go their holdings and loosed their tongues again at the foot of the precipice. 🔊

13. So did their holdings and wealth-producing interests expand by a cumulative and ever-widening process. 🔊

14. It could result only in the homesteaders being driven from their insecure holdings after the sacrifice of many lives. 🔊

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