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  • Money is holier than man.
  • Is rest holier than labor?
  • Has holier aims than but to please.
  • Till we come to holier ground.
  • Here is a purse, given me for a holier purpose.
  • Teaching it to forget the higher, holier sphere.
  • Earth knows no fairer, holier relation than that of mother.
  • Work is holier than worship, and to play is better for man than to pray.
  • Never, thought he, could he have spent his money in a holier cause.
  • And like his Chambered Nautilus To holier heights of beauty climb!
  • I heard, and, trusting in a holier land, Gave my young joys to Truth.
  • On fancy's pinion sped its flight, Where holier beings dwell.

How To Use Holier In A Sentence?

  • Nothing could be holier than the cause, nothing more imperative than the duty of upholding it.
  • There was only joy in them, and pride, a pride holier than is fit for human pride to be.
  • With reincarnation, or rather resurrection, had come a holier transfiguration of form and face.
  • They may be what you have said; but if so, they yet are holier than we, who have left them thus.
  • There is another brotherhood, the spiritual, which is higher, holier and superior to all others.
  • Oh, were those men Instructed in the laws of holier love, Thou hast displayed?
  • How can we so spend it as to leave the world somewhat happier and somewhat holier when we are removed?
  • But they relinquished all that for a higher and holier purpose; and they brought with them neither luxury nor comfort.
  • But from the deathlike trance in which you left me, my spirit has risen with holier views of life and its duties.
  • She blessed you, for the sufferings that weaned her from earth and chastened her spirit for a holier and happier world.
  • He transports us into a holier and higher world than our own; everything around us breathes of force and solemn beauty.
  • My father expressed to him the most fervent gratitude for his parental kindness to me, as well as for a deeper, holier debt.
  • I am holier than thou, is their universal cry to all that dissent from their peculiar views, or take exceptions to their conduct.
  • Goddess of souls, lead us to imagine higher and holier exaltations; keener and more blessed raptures!
  • Generosity sumtimes may lack prudence, but it never lacks faith, and faith haz won holier laurels than prudence ever did.
  • In the dense ignorance of the mountaineer, and his secluded life, he knew of no foreign countries, no land holier than the land of his home.
  • Others were just dubby and high-necked, and brought sandwiches in their pockets, feeling the holier and more Germanly reverent in consequence.
  • It may be that with tears He would wash the dust of the world from her eyes, that her sight may be clear for a vision of holier things.
  • I prayed to be directed, if there were any holier than those with whom I was acquainted, that the Lord would point them out to me.
  • No holier privilege is given to one human soul than that of whispering its secret into the ears of another who has not yet attained the wisdom which comes only by living.
  • For the days in which they were written, the songs and essays of Thomas Davis contained greater depth, and a holier purpose.
  • There can be no greater ambition, no loftier desire, no holier purpose, for Thou holdest the secret of Brotherhood.
  • Meeting followed meeting in rapid succession, and each was marked by some signal manifestation of a healthier, holier and more resolute national purpose.
  • Some tones amid the fall and rise, And stir the silent springs below Of deeper, holier sympathies.
  • You are no ministers of mine, and your victims, with their heresies, are a thousand times holier in my sight than are you with your pious dogmas and holy sacraments.
  • There was the thought of still holier things: strong was the wish he expressed that we could have been at the lowly meeting for prayer, which was announced the night before for that evening.
  • Like a blessing sent from heaven, the sweet moonlight fell upon her soul, and all the softer and holier sympathies of her nature were touched by its celestial beauty.

Definition of Holier

comparative form of holy: more holy; more sacred. | comparative form of holey: more holey; more full of holes.
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