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  • On its ghastly holocaust they burn.
  • A frightful holocaust was the result.
  • For nearly an hour, the holocaust continued.
  • Then, momentarily, the holocaust of flame was over.
  • But this holocaust goes on, year in year out, ceaselessly.
  • The happy holocaust centred its efforts on George.
  • There's about to be a holocaust of selfish interests.
  • You've still got the Holocaust Jitters, my friend.

How To Use Holocaust In A Sentence?

  • Especially in the first months of the autumn of 1914 the holocaust was terrible.
  • She had never known about the holocaust that had occurred over a millennia ago.
  • But his friend the librarian attached no importance to the book, and it was to go into the common holocaust with the rest.
  • Not only the warning of possible death in a holocaust of fire, but the omen of poor hunting and trapping in the winter to come.
  • I sometimes ponder over the possibility of a cat room having been destroyed in the celebrated holocaust of Alexandria.
  • I lay awake listening to his even breathing, and prayed that he at least might survive the holocaust yet to come.
  • Brook showed Lloyd more taped recordings left for those people who may have possibly succeeded the holocaust and deluge.
  • Now, here, doubt is impossible, therefore, it is perfectly just to offer innocence as a holocaust to public safety.
  • I gripped my head with both hands, and, for the hundredth time, sought the truth that lay buried in the holocaust of the nations....
  • Those nearest were blasted from sight in a holocaust of horror, and where they had been was a scattering of embers that smoked and glowed; even the figures of distant ones stumbled and fell.
  • They were headed northward now, toward distant mountains, and the dust of their long column went up like a river of smoke, flowing from the holocaust behind.

Definition of Holocaust

A sacrifice that is completely burned to ashes. [from the 13th c] | A near or complete annihilation of a group of animals or people, whether by deliberate agency or by natural agency (especially fire). [from the 20th c] | In particular, a state-sponsored mass murder of an ethnic group, especially the Holocaust (which see). [from the 20th c]
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