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  • It has a warmer homelier air.
  • A homelier truth is in a few lines three weeks later.
  • Yez do be big enough, but homelier than she said.
  • Much as he loved pageants, he loved homelier scenes as well.

How To Use Homelier In A Sentence?

  • She made a half step toward the handsomer and weaker man, and a half turn toward the homelier and stronger.
  • All one can say is, roughly, that the homelier the home, and the more familiar the family, the worse for everybody concerned.
  • No one who is not quite out of love with the homelier yet more vigorous portions of the language, but will acknowledge the life and strength which there is often in these and in others still current among us.
  • The reference would appear to be to a softer and homelier dialect, perhaps the oldest of the two, in which poetic emotion found fullest and most beautiful expression.
  • There was something in the well-marked type of both to catch his imagination, which can always hit off the grander features of royalty, and the homelier features of laborious humility.

Definition of Homelier

comparative form of homely: more homely
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