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  • To found patriotism on homogeneity of race is no wiser than to bound it by frontier lines.
  • By the following year the park began to take on the homogeneity which it had hitherto lacked.
  • Here, then, there can be no question of any homogeneity as regards innate mental qualities.
  • To return now to the question of mental homogeneity of a population as a condition of national character and collective mental life.
  • But this last oversight does not affect the credibility of the story, or the homogeneity of the manners, in the least.
  • Nevertheless, some of them approach homogeneity of innate qualities, or, rather, the degree of heterogeneity is much less in some than in others.
  • The Chinese nation, again, owes its existence and its homogeneity of mental and physical type to geographical unity.
  • Broadly speaking, therefore, there is a certain homogeneity about the first two periods, 1493-1520 and 1520-48, of the new era.
  • We have now certain data from which to argue, and I will first investigate the alleged homogeneity of the South.
  • In approaching the study of these linking myths it would be as rash to conclude that all resemblances are due to homogeneity of race as to assume that folklore and mythology are devoid of ethnological elements.
  • I also take the homogeneity of thought about nature as excluding any reference to moral or aesthetic values whose apprehension is vivid in proportion to self-conscious activity.
  • Although varying widely in form and finish there is great homogeneity of characters, the marked family resemblance suggesting a single people and a single period or stage of culture.
  • This we must attribute to homogeneity of mental qualities which is in the main not innate but acquired, a uniformity of acquired qualities, especially of all those that are most important for national life.
  • Such high degree of acquired homogeneity of individual qualities seems to be due in about equal parts to uniformity of social and of physical environment, both of which make strongly in the same direction.
  • How, without numerous through bonding-stones, could those slides and settlements be prevented to which the want of homogeneity in the structure would otherwise be sure to lead?
  • But at the same time it meant a restoration of the homogeneity of experience, the re-establishment of the qualitative world of every-day living, and so had its basis of appeal to common-sense.
  • The homogeneity toward which the biologists tell us we are tending and ought to approach is one in which, it is likely, still sharper national outlines may well appear.
  • They merely show that, under peculiarly favourable physical and social conditions, a sufficient degree of such homogeneity may perhaps be secured in spite of considerable racial heterogeneity.

Definition of Homogeneity

The condition of being homogeneous
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