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  • Originally the industrial units were held together in one homogeneous commercial setting.
  • Pressure is applied for some time, and finally the rubber is taken out in one homogeneous mass.
  • A homogeneous Ministry representing one of these tendencies only would command no majority.
  • Plato imagined that the State is a homogeneous unity, in which its parts totally disappear.
  • The objective and the subjective will are then reconciled and present one identical homogeneous whole.
  • It has been an equally difficult task to weld the spirit of diverse peoples into a homogeneous whole.
  • Protoplasm itself at first seemed to be a homogeneous body, and was looked upon as a chemical compound of high complexity.
  • We have spoken of the tradition as a homogeneous thing, but for any poet or artist there are two quite different webs in it.
  • The point is that there the mother knew what standards she was to maintain and had, moreover, the backing of a homogeneous group to help her.
  • Pots are then set in some homogeneous material (waste tan-bark or sawdust) and left in a moderately heated bed.
  • It was all very well when we were a little confederation of homogeneous stock stretching along the Atlantic sea-board.
  • In the old country the mother knew what standards she was to maintain and, moreover, had the backing of a homogeneous group to help her.
  • Trainers work better through possessing physiological knowledge, but the end is a smooth and homogeneous voice, blended and well-built.
  • On the left a solid, homogeneous curd produced by desirable bacteria; on the right, the curd produced by harmful bacteria.
  • His original idea was to obtain, without prism or grating, a homogeneous pencil of great wave-length sufficiently intense to be examined.
  • In texture, it is dense, and homogeneous toward the circumference, and porous and cellular in the centre, like the pith of a plant.
  • He had four splendid new men-of-war that formed a homogeneous squadron, four other sizable warships, and nine new gunboats.
  • If water is very carefully poured on to alcohol, the two layers, separate at first, mingle by degrees till a homogeneous substance is obtained.
  • The mastabas of Sakkarah are not homogeneous constructions of masonry and cement, like the pyramids and most of the mastabas of Gizeh.
  • Until the Reformation, Europe was, by its religion and the culture growing out of it, a homogeneous state.
  • Nobody now thinks that the effect is homogeneous with its cause, or that there is any objective resemblance between a blade of wheat and the moisture and warmth which fill and expand it.
  • It must be by the control of these desires in a conscious process of organization that he will become, if ever, a well-ordered and homogeneous group.
  • If the qualities existed in it then it was not really one homogeneous matter like air, but must have been simply a mixture of different kinds of matter.
  • It has become, as it were, differentiated, as in the embryo the separate tissues are differentiated out of the previously apparently homogeneous tissue.
  • Spain, like Italy, had a clearly marked national domain, and, in spite of some striking differences, a fairly homogeneous population.
  • Pulp prepared thus can be stirred up with glue into a perfectly homogeneous paste, free from all lumps, and so fine it can be pressed into the smallest crack.
  • New England, colonized by Englishmen, homogeneous in a remarkable degree, has been the only thoroughly pure nationality within our territories.
  • When the milk has stood long enough for the cream to rise freely, the latter should form a perfectly homogeneous and strongly defined layer on the top.
  • As originally used it meant the contents of the cell, and the significance in the term was in the conception of protoplasm as a somewhat homogeneous chemical compound uniform in all types of life.
  • This material appeared to be a homogeneous substance, and a chemical study showed it to be made of chemical elements united in such a way as to show close relation to albumens.
  • His only refuge was to select some apparently primordial, simple, homogeneous substance from which, by the exertion of volition, things came into being.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Homogeneous | Homogeneous Sentence

  • Mankind is more homogeneous in spirit.
  • Cut through homogeneous sandstone.
  • But most was a homogeneous mush like gelatin.
  • A homogeneous religious group is designated a millet or nation.
  • The anthracite beds seem to be denser and of a more homogeneous character.
  • The homogeneous etheric tendencies recede and finally determine.
  • But the cosmos must be made internally homogeneous in these same terms.
  • It is a homogeneous mass, scarcely a cell or aggregation of cells.
  • North Africa is wonderfully homogeneous in the matter of religion.

Definition of Homogeneous

Of the same kind; alike, similar. | Having the same composition throughout; of uniform make-up. | (chemistry) in the same state of matter.
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