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  • Tired with honeyed strife of love.
  • The grateful cheer of honeyed clover.
  • She could hold them all by her honeyed tongue.
  • The honeyed lips are silent and the helping hand at rest.
  • He put both hands behind him and bowed with his honeyed smile.
  • This is a time for the honeyed word, the kindly eye, and the pleasant smile.
  • Marchand, the General's daughter, in a honeyed voice.
  • I fain would linger ever About thy honeyed stillness, mere benign.
  • Miss KELLY has indeed all the air of a heroine of honeyed romance.
  • The milkmaid kept straight ahead, and Bob's honeyed words soured suddenly.
  • Oh! leave not, then, thy early love, The lily's honeyed lip to seek.

How To Use Honeyed In A Sentence?

  • There will be jars full of love glances and pots of preserved and honeyed kisses.
  • He spoke in a honeyed voice and assumed a false and unctuous air which exasperated me.
  • And, behold, a stately matron meets him with a honeyed smile, inviting him to enter.
  • That on the green turf suck the honeyed showers, And purple all the ground with vernal flowers.
  • We expect that the wisdom, which he has been hiving up for years, will distil in honeyed sweetness then.
  • Voluptuaries may allow themselves to be seduced from the path of duty by falsehoods such as these, expressed in honeyed words.
  • With his elbow resting on the window-fastening, he kept talking to him for a long time in honeyed tones.
  • The words of honeyed welcome died on her lips and she shrank back against the cushions as she saw him standing there with a grim smile on his face.
  • With which highly probable statement he made an end, and all sat in silence looking at me and waiting for my contribution of honeyed words.
  • Would you have had me plead mercy from him, and beg him, in honeyed words, to be patient with a wilful lady?
  • Never again could I be misled by the semblance of a love which had no reality beneath its honeyed words.
  • On a knoll the air is honeyed with wild crab-apple; along a slope the senses tingle with the scent of the green walnut.
  • A strip of honeyed paper will serve the Microgaster as a dining room, if the experiment is destined to take some time.
  • Drew honeyed breezes over The lanes where happy children run With bare feet in the clover.
  • And through all the harvest moons, Nights brimmed up with honeyed peace, Thy gainsaying doth not cease.
  • Hearken to the delightsome words of My honeyed tongue, and quaff the stream of mystic holiness from My sugar-shedding lips.
  • It was not for her undoing that he had petted and smiled on these institutions, the fierce wolves of prey, and fed them with honeyed words of excuse and praise.
  • It is very difficult to repress the aggressions of a guest under your own roof, especially one who invariably disarms you with honeyed words and apologies for anything that threatens to offend.
  • His being "also a Prince" explained to me why Ed, our prize snob, should have tried to lure him from his newspaper with honeyed conversation.
  • The civil authorities spread banquets for them, compliments rained from the honeyed lips of chosen orators, poets sang sweet strains on the theme of their glories.
  • Instantly I offered, in a honeyed tone, to save Aunt Mary for her guests, by myself searching the attic.

Definition of Honeyed

Sweetened, with, or as if with, honey. | Sugary, syrupy. | Dulcet or mellifluous.
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