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  • No vice or crime committed for the honour or benefit of the order is held to be a sin.
  • They turned him against me and he is more foolish than your Honour would believe.
  • To the honour of the assembled fathers, they refused to sanction this flagrant act of injustice.
  • Clement instantly began to raise objections: he could not think of it; the honour was too great.
  • If your man of honour admits his guilt, and is ready to pay the penalty, let him be his own judge.
  • And so the little one stayed to the banquet, and was given the place of honour beside the Maid.
  • We trace thy joyous story, more and more Bards won high honour mid thy hills and vales.
  • Your Honour must see that this timber is sent to Colombo by any opportunity that offers itself.
  • Mohammed, the son of Hassan, greets thee, and invites thee to honour him by a visit at his castle.
  • It is a handsome and imposing design, and does honour to the architect, Mr Cundy.
  • Its motto is, The Exchanges must be honoured, though honour and morality may go to the dogs.
  • The Valets of the Privy-chamber, and the Chamberlains of Honour in purple Robes.
  • To his commercial soul the military order is a scarecrow and a nuisance: military honour is but trash.
  • The boy endured all the rage and scorn that a threat so contrary to all schoolboy codes of honour and friendship might deserve.
  • You said that if a man of honour has injured another and is called on to atone for it, he is the best judge of his own punishment.
  • In my contempt for vulgarised and conventionalised honour I had forgotten that for me there was such a reality as honour.
  • They say that she will take from them all the honour and glory; that they will fight and risk their lives, but that she alone will have the praise.
  • One night she was present at a great ball given in her honour by an intimate friend of the Countess.
  • It may thus be said to occupy an especial post of honour and so to challenge, as it were, curiosity and admiration.
  • Better death, better open confession and a dishonoured name, than life and honour bought by treachery and guile.
  • As it is a point of honour never to refuse a friend in this respect, you can easily imagine the amount of 'paper' which is fluttering.
  • His body was carried down the Tsangpo, and we grieved at this, for we could not pay it the honour we desired.
  • His wife, the woman on whom he had staked his honour and belief, was not of the stuff of which Westenra wives were made!
  • In each engagement the fight was against an army much stronger in numbers; in each the defeat was not without honour to the Indian leader.
  • I had to give him my word of honour that, whatever happens, I will do nothing to bring scandal on the party.
  • We desired to do honour to the Maid we escorted, and to assume an air of martial pomp, so far as it was possible to us.
  • It seems more than probable that at this Midsummer Festival human victims were sometimes sacrificed in honour of the sun.
  • I feel how much more nobly you acted in that unhappy matter than I did, and I esteem and honour you.
  • When I left, the landlord again murmured his thanks for the honour I had done him by patronising his hotel.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Honour | Honour Sentence

  • I am bound in honour to another.
  • A still greater honour was in store for him.
  • The law, which was made to protect the honour of serfs!
  • The burly King in many fights with honour conquered.
  • Can there be any thing more to the Honour of the Cardinal?
  • Prove it, child, and I shall honour him.
  • Often as he disappointed her, she never ceased to love and honour him.
  • Give me your word of honour that I can bring suit without doing so.
  • The next day the Rajah ordered a great feast in honour of the espousals.
  • Never--by the honour of a man!
  • Will your Honour tell them and I'll pray to God sir ever to bless you.

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British spelling, Canadian, Commonwealth of Nations, and Ireland standard spelling of honor. | British spelling, Canadian, Commonwealth of Nations, and Ireland standard spelling of honor.
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