Hook in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Hook

1. The cattle are liable to hook her. 🔊

2. What is the purpose of the hook switch? 🔊

3. Give conventional symbols of hook switches. 🔊

4. Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait. 🔊

5. I hope some woman puts the hook into you some day. 🔊

6. But the hook was in his jaw, and he could not escape. 🔊

7. Let's up hook an' away. 🔊

8. The Hook was ready for us, we were told. 🔊

9. First, I helped her with a balky hook on her collar. 🔊

10. If he won't nibble at one hook try another. 🔊

11. Then cook a dinner and hook up the hawses, and cook some more at the home. 🔊

12. We're goin' over there an' hook on to her. 🔊

13. Where the flitch we hope to find, Not even a hook is left behind. 🔊

How to use Hook in Sentences?

1. The first of these bridges is controlled by the hook switch and is normally open. 🔊

2. The hook is shown in its raised position, which is the position required for talking. 🔊

3. It is seen from an inspection of this switch hook that it has two make and two break contacts. 🔊

4. In its usual form a forked hook is provided for supporting the receiver in a convenient place. 🔊

5. I was always worried for fear you'd hook up with some duke you'd have to support. 🔊

6. A line and hook were in his bundle; the bait was ready at a turn of the grass and weeds. 🔊

7. From such considerations it is customary to speak of a hook such as that shown in Fig. 🔊

8. A typical form of hook switch, as employed in the ordinary wall telephone sets, is shown in Fig. 🔊