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  • You can see his black moustache and hooked nose here.
  • He was only an angler, and had but hooked his fish.
  • Their hooked beaks looked like hooked noses.
  • After you left I hooked a horse.
  • Baker's as they hooked up t' leave the Spring.
  • Flasche Beloved ... attached ... hooked ... trout ...
  • Now here it was, all hooked up and, presumably, ready for action.
  • Wish it was more, but you see how I'm hooked up.
  • Huge he was and hairy, with deep-set, piercing eyes and a great hooked nose.
  • Captain Scraggs hung his head and quivered like a hooked fish.
  • Desperately he hooked a booted leg up, craned it over Ranth's back, tugged.

How To Use Hooked In A Sentence?

  • The device was hooked up on a testing-room circuit and controlled from outside.
  • The heavy revolver came to a level, but the hooked finger did not press the trigger.
  • Now he hooked the head over his shoulder, pushed back his hat and smiled at the girl.
  • They have great hooked jaws, formed to seize the small insects upon which they live.
  • With their axes they cut a small hole in the eaves, hooked on this apparatus, and descended.
  • Horse after horse, as his rider hooked the stirrup, flew back or kicked like a flash.
  • Then he came out, hooked an armful of coats off the hall rack, and ran past me on to the balcony.
  • Steve paid no apparent heed to the question until he had landed a trout which he had hooked a moment before.
  • She stood up on the edge of the bed, and hooked the skirts over the rod the curtains were swung from.
  • He illustrated with a gesture so wide and vigorous that if it had not been for his high heels hooked over a pole he would have lost his balance.
  • To our great joy we hooked a fish, but we were miserably disappointed by its being lost in getting into the boat.
  • I turned my head and looked at the porthole, and saw to my surprise that it was wide open and hooked back.
  • All fish hooked less than 7 inches long shall be carefully handled with moist hands and returned at once to the water.
  • Finally a chain was hooked about the neck of one of the leaders and fastened to another wagon and the mule hauled out, but with a broken neck.
  • By the aid of this, every little warp thread or cluster of threads can be lifted by its own hooked wire without interfering with any other thread.
  • Meanwhile, I'll talk to the baggage man before the engine gets hooked up again.
  • Immediately the car door was closed, and a few moments later a switch engine hooked onto the car and soon it was coupled to a long train.
  • You held your lines in your fingers, and when you hooked a fish, you drew him in, hand over hand, in a human way.
  • His worn, white face, with hooked nose and jet-black eyes, made him a noticeable figure even in the twilight.
  • A short person with hooked beak, eyes too close together, shaded by brows which met in a tuft over his nose, was knocking.
  • Out of that room I went into yet another, where a fat woman with a hooked nose was seated holding something white in front of her.
  • I'd 'a' hooked two horses, and Chris and me would now be getting farther and farther.
  • We put out a bait that anybody with sense would say couldn't catch nothin' but sculpin, and, by mighty, we hooked a halibut!
  • They would have liked a Jew with a long beard, and hooked nose, and red hair if possible; that was the correct thing!
  • Presently Mr Grinder came out, hooked his finger in the string among the mats, and pulled up nothing.
  • Lumley was a man small of stature, with a hooked nose, fishy blue eyes, a thin, hard mouth, and a face seamed and wrinkled.
  • Finally he recorded directions on sound tape and hooked the reproducer to an electron eye so it would commence to play the moment the vessel was entered.
  • As the quarrel sprang up, he gathered his reins; without looking back, he hooked his stirrup; and then, very gently, he rose to the saddle.
  • Then I hooked my reading lantern into the red velvet at the head of the couch, and sat down to recover my senses if I could.

Definition of Hooked

Having a sharp curve at the end; resembling a hook. | Addicted; unable to resist or cease doing. | simple past tense and past participle of hook
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