Hooted In A Sentence

Definition of Hooted

past participle of hoot

How To Use Hooted In A Sentence?

  • But he merely hooted amiably and pinched her cheeks when she approached the subject tentatively.
  • But soon he came back, for the mischievous boys hooted him and threw stones at him.
  • She, too, is one of the trio only created to be hooted at by an enthusiastically virtuous public.
  • Two owls, floating over the tree-tops, hooted sepulchrally but melodiously to each other.
  • Why, you hooted my first order, and you have kept on hooting every single one since.
  • If Ben glared commandingly at the glass, somebody inside him hooted with merriment.
  • An hour later an owl hooted very close to Dr. Whiting and he sprang to his feet.
  • A man would be hooted from genteel society in the Southern States, for such an ignoble act.
  • The Lloyd George of ten years ago was the most hated and hooted man in Britain.
  • The owls hooted at me and the thorns pierced my flesh. 'Go, search and kill,' said everything.
  • By Jove, sir, they hooted me going to the House of Lords, and nearly pulled me off my horse.
  • The boys on the roads hooted after him, and some of the neighbours talked of driving him out of the parish.
  • He was recognised by his sacerdotal garb and by his corpulent figure, and was hooted through the hall.
  • A servant owned by a man in moderate circumstances was hooted at by rich men's slaves.
  • Their chief opponents now were the very persons that had hooted their substitutes through the village, and helped to close the factory finally.
  • The maids sent out to buy bread were hooted and even roughly handled by brutal men and fanatical women.
  • The owl hooted again from the same point directly in front, and then came the reply of the other, now nearer.
  • In the far distance an owl hooted solemnly at nothing, and he slept the mighty sleep of exhaustion.
  • The speculation of occasional philosophers, that matter might not after all be more than a mental phenomenon, was invariably hooted down.
  • The story displeased the republican audience, who hissed and hooted till the turmoil compelled the fall of the curtain.
  • Suddenly an owl hooted hideously and, like a guilty thing, the girl by the window crept back to bed.
  • An owl in a tree hooted mournfully, and an owl in another tree a half mile away hooted a mournful answer.
  • The moon shone bright, and the owls hooted in the forest, while from the village came the sound of music and merry voices.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hooted | Hooted Sentence

  • He was hooted out of the constituency.
  • An owl hooted overhead.
  • An owl hooted melodiously outside.
  • The owl hooted and night noises came to her ears.
  • They hooted Massignac.
  • The boys hooted and cat-called and stamped again....
  • Some of the fellows hooted at that, but Dick only smiled.
  • As I watched, he hooted once and bent forward to listen.
  • The Family that Hooted at Moody.
  • The crowd made way for us as we passed and hooted in our rear.
  • As if in answer to his cry a night-hawk hooted among the rocks.
  • Her feet ploughed up the earth and stones, and the crowd hooted and jeered.
  • An owl hooted in the distance; a bird chirped somewhere near by.
  • Where the owl had hooted over night a blackbird was singing, bold and bright.
  • All the boys of Assisi came out and hooted and threw pebbles.
  • The Catholics hurried home pursued and hooted by straggling groups of rioters.
  • I was hooted out of the town, and I laid the blame to your doors.
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