Hoped In A Sentence

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  • I hoped it might be so.
  • Keith said he hoped so.
  • But how can such a thing be hoped for?
  • Some day she hoped to meet him again.
  • But said that he hoped to be better to-morrow.
  • If she had hoped for comfort, she got very little.
  • It is to be hoped that Capt.
  • An American who hoped to reach the North Pole by dirigible.
  • Keith agreed with her about its charm, but hoped it was not dying out.
  • It is to be hoped that an adequate sketch of her life may some day appear.
  • Hubert hoped to reach his box without meeting critics or authors.
  • I hoped that the pursuit would not lead me far among the hills.
  • It was hoped that they would stay, so that it would become a city.
  • He hoped to see her before going away; but he could not tell.
  • Once the exact spot was reached, he hoped soon to find the treasure.
  • Gordon, like some older men, hoped for war with all his soul.
  • I hoped to see, whose whiteness should enhance the lustre of rare black eyes.
  • She hoped Rosamond would lay down the hat and look at her with friendly eyes.

How To Use Hoped In A Sentence?

  • For a time it was hoped that the dilapidation might be repaired and the old life be lived again.
  • She hoped he would not care to eat it; he would not if he knew she was going to leave him.
  • We tried to be kind to her, and hoped she would soften towards us; but she did not.
  • I had hoped that the gay scenes which then Presented themselves might have some cheering effect.
  • But the War Chief thought of the family of a Mr Wells, whom he knew and hoped that he might save.
  • Joan sincerely hoped that enough of the phagocytes had been released by the innoculation to render her immune from further attack forever.
  • It is hoped that the student grasps clearly the distinction between the purposes of air-gap and fuse arresters.
  • She had hoped all the time that she could go on presently without his aid, and she realized now that it was impossible.
  • I was too feeble to join in the enterprise, but hoped to improve the opportunity to escape when the work was done.
  • I had evidently propitiated the good-will of the chieftain, and hoped that he might release me for a moderate ransom.
  • In their eyes she was evidently a most romantic figure, the embodiment of gaiety and youth and of all they had hoped but somehow failed to be.
  • He hoped that a little common, gossipy information would lay the ghost of that unexpected dinner-party.
  • My father had evidently seen nothing unusual in my conduct, so I hoped that it had not been conspicuous.
  • He hid the hat in the trees, where perhaps he hoped (though the point is unimportant) that nobody would dare to look.
  • It came from beyond the ridge, so that it was certain that the cows were in the little green valley where I had hoped to find them.
  • I almost hoped that the Maid would speak to us of what had been revealed to her in that church, but she kept the matter in her own heart.
  • I had such a theatre once, but I never loved it nor hoped for much from it; my bricks and soldiers were my perpetual drama.
  • I knew just so much and no more, and as much expected to assist thereat as I should have hoped to come of age on my twelfth birthday.
  • The servant was still in the room; but no look of astonishment appeared on his face, and Hubert hoped he had not heard.
  • He had nothing to prove, had conscientious scruples about appearing in an English court of justice, and still hoped it would all come to nothing.
  • She promised everything I asked, and more, and I hoped that this was the last of my sharing her burdens.
  • Being a noble and sagacious man, he reconciled himself to the will of his Creator; but his Queen still hoped against hope.

Definition of Hoped

simple past tense and past participle of hope
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