Hopefully In A Sentence

Definition of Hopefully

In a hopeful manner. [from 17th c.] | It is hoped that; I hope; we hope. [from 18th c.]

How To Use Hopefully In A Sentence?

  • He was thinking hard and far from hopefully as a moment later he hastened down the street.
  • Penny glanced hopefully toward the highway, but the press car was not to be seen.
  • Everything was going well, no cause for anxiety, and the manager spoke hopefully of the future.
  • Ottila, with hidden face, watched while she wept, and waited hopefully for the relenting sign.
  • Before they realized it, they were on the track with faces turned hopefully toward Wellington.
  • I think she took heart when I ate so plentifully, and we all spoke hopefully again.
  • That is where the Edwardian-Georgian age differed most hopefully from the Victorian.
  • And Neewa, far up the creek, still followed hopefully and yearningly over the trail of Miki.
  • Mr. Pincherle writes to me hopefully about his practical studies of Gypsy life in Trieste.
  • Ellsworth, sitting, alone and anxious, looked up hopefully and beckoned Dan Anderson to his side.
  • The crowd that had a few minutes before so smilingly and hopefully entered their homes, now fled from them in terror.
  • Johnny grinned hopefully and a sudden tenseness took possession of him as he watched for the first hostile move.
  • With his bruised shoulder making him limp at every step he hurried back over the trail which he had followed so hopefully a little while before.
  • He could wheedle out rock-fish by the dozen while envious miners sat about him tugging hopefully at empty lines.
  • She patiently and hopefully endured many privations and hardships in faithfully and energetically carrying forward the work entrusted to her.
  • All rejoicings were at an end, and every one listened hopefully to catch the first tones of the thunder of a victorious battle.
  • Perhaps that is why a new generation, hungry for great contemporary art, turns more hopefully to painting than to literature.
  • Sitting on the floor of the van, he maneuvered the top open, then spun around and hopefully looked inside.
  • There was something about the chest, its dark polish and coarse carving, that even led her to think hopefully of its poor contents.
  • But this new and destructive pest, year after year for seven years, completely checked the prosperity they had so hopefully anticipated.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hopefully | Hopefully Sentence

  • Sliver hopefully repeated.
  • Bill waited hopefully for him to explain.
  • The effort can be hopefully undertaken.
  • Hence we may look hopefully to the future.
  • How hopefully it sounded, how bold and firm it was.
  • Bill frowned hopefully to himself, but no inspiration came.
  • They hurried on, looking hopefully for a place.
  • A resolute, thrifty peasantry looks hopefully forward.
  • And Ralph went hopefully forth with his brother.
  • So hopefully ye think upon the Dead!
  • Men did not speak hopefully of my chance of getting through.
  • His family were contented that he was thus respectably and hopefully employed.
  • Lucyet tried to smile hopefully in return, but the attempt was a failure.
  • They followed him from machine to machine, first hopefully and then fearfully.
  • The commissioner whistled lowly, and his eyes grew hopefully bright.
  • Maryland had not risen in tumultuous welcome as Lee hopefully expected.
  • One morning the child spoke to Bellerophon even more hopefully than usual.
  • She wondered hopefully whether Desmond was one of those names....
  • Mr. Lagg looked hopefully from one to the other of the Outdoor Girls.
  • Poor yellow sheet, that looked so hopefully in the Livingstones' window!
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