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  • And before such hopelessness the doctor could not lie.
  • No morbid hopelessness clouded his broad horizon.
  • A feeling of helplessness and hopelessness came over Helen.
  • If she could only change all this hopelessness into happiness!
  • Kirkwood's heart sank with the hopelessness of it all.
  • The hopelessness of the position for a moment almost overwhelmed her.
  • And through it all a great despair and hopelessness sounded in his voice.
  • Eight effective hits showed the hopelessness of the situation for this vessel.
  • The essential hopelessness of science is coming to render me humble.
  • In rapid review he saw the recent time of his hopelessness and shame.
  • Fully alive to the hopelessness of their situation, the crew were all on deck.
  • For the first time dazed hopelessness gave way in Rhoda to fear.
  • Then in the desperation of sheer hopelessness came "w-r-i-t-e, right," again.
  • He will see all his wife's faults and the hopelessness of trying to cure them.

How To Use Hopelessness In A Sentence?

  • My conclusion was that they were paralysed by the hopelessness of the situation.
  • Before he opened the paper he was sure that his hopelessness had been justified.
  • I felt the hopelessness of seeking unaided one who purposely hid himself in its streets.
  • And hopelessness said, she had better make the most of all the good that fell to her lot.
  • He had hoped that his wife would go with him, but he saw the hopelessness of that idea.
  • The fatigue, the despondency, the utter hopelessness of the early morning was swept away.
  • He was unable to bear any longer the look of patient hopelessness that each moment stabbed his heart.
  • In vain they urged him not to, and pointed out the danger as well as the hopelessness of the attempt.
  • His efforts met with no success, and at last he was forced to admit to himself the hopelessness of the search.
  • She was never really out of his thoughts, and his heart was torn with the hopelessness of the passion consuming him.
  • The more graceful and ornamental it was, the more clearly do we discern the hopelessness of restoring it to its former state.
  • The nurse had to bite her lips to keep back the cry of horror over the apparent hopelessness of the task that lay before them.
  • Messalla, who had been chosen commander by the defeated remnant, recognized the hopelessness of his position and surrendered to the victors.
  • Then the utter hopelessness of ever finding her would come over him, and he would settle back in his seat again and try to sleep.
  • Slothfulness or hopelessness kept them in slavery; they could not believe that they would be able ever in safety to reach the land of liberty.
  • The hopelessness of the lonely, the mad longings of the parted, the storm of life, all seemed appeased.
  • The hopelessness of the dream, the undesirability of Charlotte, is what makes her so irresistible to her sister novelist.
  • His brother and the other chiefs walked up and down the deck arguing and remonstrating with Charles, proving the hopelessness of the undertaking.
  • Out of the Casino had staggered a young man, despair written on his face, hopelessness in his very air.
  • His musings merged into vacuity, into a dull gray mist of hopelessness comparable only to the dismal skies then lowering over London-town.
  • Bob was afraid that it was a dream and that he would wake up presently to the realities of the igloo and raw dog meat, and the hopelessness of it all.
  • An awful sense of hopelessness overcame her, and she moaned: "How tired I am!
  • In the case of some there is expressed a praiseworthy providence for their families; and in others may be found an index to the poverty and hopelessness of their home communities.
  • I am well aware of the difficulty of giving expression to this truth, and of the hopelessness of trying to give expression to it by means of those very distinctions which it is its nature to transcend.
  • Suppose you go on with the story,' I said, remembering the hopelessness of ever following the train of Joey's thoughts.
  • The tall man looked at me for a moment, as if in doubt what he should say; and then his expression of mingled hopelessness and contrition changed into one of earnest frankness.

Definition of Hopelessness

the lack of hope; despair
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