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  • His hopes and his happiness were at their highest.
  • He told her his hopes and fears.
  • Blown round by its hopes and fears.
  • But their hopes and prayers were vain.
  • Was this to be the end of all his hopes and expectations?
  • Her hopes and her prospects were for ever blighted.
  • She shared those ambitions and hopes and desires.
  • He had exaggerated hopes and exaggerated fears.
  • Like you they build their hopes and homes on high.
  • Still her hopes and her spirits rose again at church.
  • All his own hopes and plans depended on his refusing it.
  • This was a death blow to all my hopes and pleasant plans.
  • We have our thoughts, our hopes and our aspirations.
  • What hopes and aspirations such an assurance may arouse!
  • Negroes and whites united their hopes and kind offices.
  • Had life with all its hopes and joys nearly ended for him?
  • Lord! turn away from me vain hopes and concupiscence.
  • He hopes and attempts. . . .
  • Their character, their hopes and their destination are the same.
  • But with 1848 all these hopes and plans were scattered to the winds.
  • I am a woman with all a woman's hopes and fears.
  • The hopes and promise of my ruin'd fold!
  • Thus did our hopes and fears alternately get the better of us.
  • But it has come back again, with all its hopes and its desires.
  • Cross never knew of the hopes and joys he had unwittingly crushed.
  • It disappointed public hopes and strengthened the case of objectors.
  • I did not hide from him my former hopes and my present destitute condition.
  • His hopes and anticipations all went bitterly back upon his heart.
  • The themes are drawn from the revolution, its hopes and its disappointments.
  • But we could not thus calmly give up all our fond hopes and wishes.
  • I found myself talking freely to him of myself, of my hopes and my fears.
  • Expectation, and hopes, and affection were all too much for me.

How To Use Hopes And In A Sentence?

  • Hopes and joys were as nothing to him where the strictness of discipline was involved.
  • It was her only resource from the excitement of hopes and fears that possessed her.
  • Around it all the humble hopes and pleasures of the man had clustered for years.
  • You are willing to give up your hopes and work yourself to the bone here on these hills for her.
  • What might he not do and be if he were inspired by great hopes and lofty ambitions?
  • All my hopes and aspirations had been in an instant crushed by the knowledge of her rank.
  • I am already at the end of all my hopes and fallen to be a laughing-stock and mockery.
  • She had not given a name or a form to the hopes and fancies that were fluttering at her heart.
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