Hordes In A Sentence

Definition of Hordes

plural of horde

How To Use Hordes In A Sentence?

  • The hordes that covered the roads were still more miserable than the travellers we had just seen.
  • The front gates were open and there were hordes of people walking about, doing business.
  • But fresh hordes of warriors were gathering in the north, conquerors of the ocean.
  • Wherever there are hordes of hungry, adventurous men, there will be desperadoes.
  • They came in countless hordes like an army of invasion, and they departed in the same way.
  • In disorganized hordes they battened on Rome and melted away there in excesses.
  • One more charge along our whole line, and the hireling hordes of oppression fled panic-stricken.
  • For the marauding hordes of the Bantu are once more roving where European dwellings used to stand.
  • Already you could see the Tuscan hordes in the swarthy dust that shrouded the Western horizon.
  • Leviathan there wallows in his wrath; There range the hordes of mighty Behemoth.
  • The Mahdi and his hordes now entered El Obeid, and he made the Mudirieh his residence.
  • I doubt if there have ever been greater hordes of insects in this country than during the past spring.
  • During this time there is a loosing out on the earth of countless hordes of unseen demons to torment men.
  • The garrison marched out with their arms and baggage, and passed through the hordes of the besiegers to the river.
  • Vast hordes of these little creatures are at times seized with an impulse to migrate or to commit suicide, for it amounts to that.
  • In its place were the exhortations of the pig-drivers, who urged hordes of monstrous black pigs through the mud.
  • He had lost nearly three-quarters of his original numbers, and still there seemed to be hordes of the pursuers.
  • What it will mean to have that restraint withdrawn, and the horrid hordes here described free to do as they will, no imagination can depict.
  • Across those plains the hordes at our feet were either to advance victoriously, or be driven eastward with dusty banners and dripping hands.
  • They stood there expectant, till the first stroke should sound that should scare away the hordes of bad night-spirits.
  • In 812 they drove off the invaders with great slaughter, only to find fresh hordes descending a year or two later.
  • The tribe is defined by American anthropologists as a union of hordes or clans for common defence under a chief.
  • It was not until then that Miki caught glimpses of the hordes of beasts fastened in ones and twos and groups in the edge of the clearing.
  • Sheikh Idris was annoyed at my ill-treatment, but what could one man do with these hordes of fanatics?
  • The last of these hordes was exceedingly troublesome, and I really thought we should have been obliged to quarrel with them.
  • To hell with the Ambassador and his hordes of colonists, he was going to close his eyes for a moment....

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hordes | Hordes Sentence

  • But where can these hordes come from?
  • Sometimes there were hordes of fish.
  • These hordes were peoples in the process of formation.
  • He builds of savage hordes a mighty nation.
  • So shall Themistocles scatter the hordes of Xerxes.
  • They marked the road by which the vanquished hordes had retreated.
  • Doubtless they believed it to be the signal of attack by hordes of cannibals.
  • There are hordes of such men as he throughout all the modern industrial world.
  • Vast hordes were dispersing across the plaza, pouring from the auditorium.
  • Innumerable hordes had died and were dying, yet innumerable hordes remained.
  • They die in hordes that she may fly, A glittering horror, through the sky.
  • The battle raged; the German hordes pushed forward; the great retreat began.
  • I can't let you run about the country alone with hordes of young men.
  • When the invading hordes rush in it is from beyond "the Euphrates.

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