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How To Use Horrid In A Sentence?

  • The heat of the morning sun made the horrid reek worsened to an overwhelming degree.
  • A horrid nightmare whose terrors always come back in days of depression and illness.
  • And then she told me that it was through a cousin of ours, that horrid wretch of a boy, you know.
  • Her horrid grin of derision brought a flush to his cheek; he faced her quite coolly.
  • I think you were fine not to say a word to any one about how horrid I was to ask for your beads.
  • I opened my heart to him, telling him with what horrid and terrible thoughts I was being visited.
  • I still feel very weak and solitary, and only read the horrid letter I enclose!
  • Conceal it not, nor call me to account That here the horrid crime I first announce.
  • The same horrid ceremony accompanied the feast of the mother of the gods, Teteo Innan.
  • I have pictured the man who wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the horrid semi-fiasco of his life.
  • This gentle hapless creature, immured in the dungeon as a malefactor and reserved for horrid tortures!
  • Was his marriage after all not the horrid thing she had thought it, but an honest effort to atone to the child he had beggared?
  • She would have liked to have laughed at them, but did not dare to, for her throat was still burning from the effects of that horrid paprika.
  • Look what's come of it, he gasps; now we are at the mercy of that horrid fellow. . .
  • This was too much for Tryphaena; she prevented the perpetration of so horrid a crime by the out and out promise of quarter.
  • The field and wood were carried, but the chateau was held in the midst of horrid carnage by the British.
  • Our own "howlers" stand out in all their horrid nakedness; but we do not realise that our rivals have probably made others far worse.
  • His sleep was disturbed by horrid dreams; and at length, in one of his nightly paroxysms, he disclosed the extent of his villany.
  • One day he saw a picture by Velasquez, and he understood how horrid were the red things he used to send to the academy.
  • Maybe he cursed himself, and it wasn't Brook's curse that produced horrid creatures and idiots as his children.
  • The noise, the din of voices, and the laughing, so completely addled him, that he was like one in a very horrid dream.
  • The scratching began again, the Irishman went on gently chatting, and it all felt very like a horrid dream.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Horrid | Horrid Sentence

  • It was a horrid storm.
  • A horrid chasm disclosed.
  • But what a horrid change in the weather!
  • A horrid curiosity drove him again to view it.
  • To what a horrid nation was it his destiny to belong!
  • A horrid mistrust of the whole house possessed me.
  • An inconceivably strange and horrid figure he looked.
  • She laughed aloud, a horrid sound.
  • I was horrid even to Caroline, who is always so sweet.
  • Besides, I am not strong yet, and have a horrid cold.
  • Inside there were horrid signs of destruction, particularly off the balconies.
  • The wood resounded with horrid curses, groans, and yells of terror.
  • And I took a sweet ribbon of hers last night to tie on that horrid cat!
  • If it weren't for her horrid husband we should like her very much.
  • Not that wicked husband--not that horrid maid.
  • There's a lot of horrid coarseness got into the world somehow.
  • It's a horrid book," replied one of the girls.
  • Nesta said, "you like them better for saying a horrid thing like that?

Definition of Horrid

(archaic) Bristling, rough, rugged. | Causing horror or dread. | Offensive, disagreeable, abominable, execrable.
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