Horrify In A Sentence

How To Use Horrify In A Sentence?

  • Besides, I had no wish to horrify her by the strange story of my midnight adventure.
  • But what strikes one as remarkable is that the insects that do man most harm are not those that horrify him most.
  • The hospital, whether military or civil, was formerly a scene that might well horrify and make sick a visitant.
  • Sally saw everything so much in relation to all that she had ever thought and felt that she could not understand how her impulses might horrify one coming to them only after translation into action.
  • Through the hours of that first day he lay there with his thoughts for company and a process, deepening, as dusk deepened, into remorse began to horrify him.
  • The superstition of these poor fellows, and the circumstantial accounts which they give, with the utmost earnestness and self-conviction, would horrify any man not accustomed to their ways.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Horrify | Horrify Sentence

  • Why does it amuse you to horrify me?
  • I require no such inducements; they horrify me.
  • Nor could anything he said, nor anything he may have become, horrify me.
  • Perhaps I shall horrify you when I tell you that vice interests me.
  • Perhaps I shall horrify you when I tell you that vice interests me.

Definition of Horrify

To cause to feel extreme apprehension or unease; to cause to experience horror.
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