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  • And you would expose them to the horrors of an assault?
  • Do you say these horrors to make me tremble?
  • The fates were preparing the horrors and scourges of war.
  • The company therefore avoided the horrors of the siege.
  • Again I perceived that these horrors were illusory.
  • Never shall I forget the horrors of that chase.
  • But few were left to tell the horrors of that night.
  • These horrors were a kind of representation of the sufferings of the god.
  • Could there be any indication without of the horrors these walls contained?
  • To men so disposed it is useless to talk of the horrors of war.
  • The soldier on both sides has been told all sorts of horrors about the enemy.
  • Now the horrors of war have swept over the lands of the Flemings and Walloons.
  • And," Pinkey demanded, "what might them horrors be on the platter?

How To Use Horrors In A Sentence?

  • The clay should not be mixed up with any of the horrors which grooms are so fond of.
  • To have to bear all these horrors without being able to put a stop to them, is maddening.
  • The horrors of witch-trials soon reached a height which makes us blush for humanity.
  • This is a horrible thing, and it is chiefly among horrors that we must keep our common sense.
  • Such mitigations as the horrors of war allow were forbidden to these "rebels" by legal fiction.
  • I can recollect the horrors with which they fed my heated fancy during an eruption of Vesuvius.
  • The horrors of the Crimean winter were now becoming known, which fully accounts for this outburst.
  • He is the last man to save himself from the indescribable horrors of the Campaign of Russia.
  • Feebly the Barin is waving his crutch at them, Merciful Heaven, what horrors abound!
  • Her confession was complete, and again the horrors of her earlier sufferings were assailing her weakened spirit.
  • Amidst this setting loose of horrors and hates it would be well to lay stress on some of those deeds which are able to soften the soul.
  • Oh, the terrors of this my first sermon, horrors to preacher as well as to "preachees.
  • I made an effort to stir, to escape ere the grotesque and intangible horrors of the wood could catch me.
  • The rising was, in fact, at last forced by the horrors which were openly encouraged by the government in 1796-7.
  • He thus saw the coloured slaves at close quarters, and was brought face to face with the horrors of the slave trade.
  • The war-ships in the air suggested the railway horrors, and three nights afterward the railway horrors suggested my dream.
  • After the revolutionary horrors which have afflicted our city, there existed inveterate hatreds and animosities, founded on real offences.
  • First of all let me say that the general public knew nothing at all of the horrors in which I was so intimately concerned.
  • All earthly horrors have an end, and in the wee small hours a starving multitude was treated to a barbacue by our half-crazed host.
  • What fear for his own safety and all the horrors he had gone through had no power to do, the relaxation of this tension of anxiety about Bob did.
  • I bought one day, of the horrors of the lead poisoning that was in those days one of the normal risks of certain sorts of pottery workers.
  • Of course your highness has heard of the revolution which took place in France, and all the horrors which attended it.
  • Ye hurricanes rest in the cave o'your slumbers, O how your wild horrors a lover alarms!
  • The horrors of the fifth and sixth of October were less detestable than the festival of the fourteenth of July.
  • Our generation was destined to sustain the unprecedented horrors of a base attempt to destroy France, that very glorious asset of all civilization.
  • Let us admit this, though to do so we have to forget the June days of 1848 and the horrors of the suppression of the Commune.
  • He suffered the horrors of Valley Forge; and before the conclusion of the peace he went abroad in the country as a tinker of clocks and watches.

Definition of Horrors

plural of horror
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