Horse In A Sentence

Definition of Horse

(intransitive) To frolic, to act mischievously. (Usually followed by "around".) | (transitive) To provide with a horse; supply horses for. | (obsolete) To get on horseback.

How To Use Horse In A Sentence?

  • This was caused by the overflow of a combination drinking fountain and horse trough.
  • Gray involuntarily shivered as he stood before it and his horse tugged restlessly at the bridle.
  • It seemed that he found some difficulty in disposing of the old horse and wagon for cash.
  • One horse had lost one of its ears, which rather detracted from its otherwise imposing appearance.
  • As he turned, a sharp sound caught his ears, and he checked his horse to listen.
  • He mounted his horse and rode gaily along the broad even platform, whistling as he went.
  • Once or twice he thought of taking his horse and riding out to search for Harding.
  • The Prince as he sank from his horse looked darkly up into the face of his youthful opponent.
  • He got off his horse and cut away with some difficulty enough of the curtaining foliage to allow an easy passage through.
  • With these words he gave his horse the spur, galloped forward, and caught up the herculean horseman.
  • Gray crossed the valley, stopping to let his horse drink at the stream, and to take a draught himself.
  • Then they walked several yards listening to the tramp of the hoofs, and then they heard the fly-man strike his horse with the whip.
  • He ran back towards the hut with one thought uppermost in his mind, to get his horse and go with the dog.
  • A horse is excusable for being a horse, and not a man; but that prevents not that he ought to be a horse, and not a man.
  • When Harding brought his horse to him he scarcely thanked him, and he rode away by his side in sullen silence.
  • A grey horse had just got rid of his rider, and after galloping round and round, his head in the air, stopped and began to graze.
  • The light came from the doorway of a big barn, where two persons, a man and a boy, were just unhitching a horse from a light wagon.
  • It was a good farrier who could so shoe a horse that he would lose no shoe between Lingtam and Gnatong.
  • St. Augustine has beautifully said, that the horse which has gone astray is a more noble creature than a stone which has no power to go astray.
  • But Gray pushed doggedly on, soothing his good horse with voice and hand, and becoming more and more convinced that he was on the right track.
  • As they got nearer to the town the glare of the distant fire was noted, and young Jabez whipped up the horse and made good time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Horse | Horse Sentence

  • Lumley stopped his horse too.
  • Gray checked his horse to speak.
  • But there was no sign of horse or rider to be seen.
  • He turned his horse and rode backwards.
  • Vincent had remained with the horse and wagon at the barn.
  • His horse carried him whither it would.
  • Just let my horse go, will you?
  • A slow old horse pulled it along.
  • But it was only his own horse moving uneasily in the stable.
  • Gray got off his horse and stood with his hand upon the bridle.
  • He was off his horse in one moment and shaking hands with her the next.
  • Lumley suddenly turn his horse in a totally different direction.
  • Still holding the horse by the bridle he went hurriedly back.
  • He checked his horse and paused for some time gazing at the peak.
  • He fastened the horse securely to the door-post and stepped into the hut.
  • His horse too was an extraordinarily big beast, a stallion sixteen hands high.
  • The Corsar's horse neighed uneasily.
  • But ye wull be wanting a meal, lad, and your bonnie horse too.
  • Dame Vizaknai sprang towards Denis Banfi and seized his horse by the bridle.

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