Horseman In A Sentence

Definition of Horseman

A man who rides a horse. | A soldier on horseback. | A man skilled in horsemanship.

How To Use Horseman In A Sentence?

  • What delights the expert horseman will experience in the progressive application of his art!
  • The riders looked at the khaki-clad horseman and some of them recognizing him cheered wildly.
  • Under it was the dimly discernible, dust-veiled form of a horseman riding at full speed.
  • A bustle was heard, and he beheld the horseman of his earlier dream again led along a captive.
  • Between the fields of tall hemp, a quarter of a mile away, a solitary horseman was approaching.
  • It was an awkward, dangerous situation; a less experienced horseman might have lost his head.
  • Even as King rushed out into the roadway a horseman galloped up from the direction of the Castle.
  • The titter of the galloping horseman gave the answer, and he knew it was Hardy Atkins.
  • A horseman was silently looking on at the group of dismounted men, deliberately watching their movements.
  • Their mail-clad horseman spread like a cloud round the hostile army and poured in a shower of darts.
  • His was the seat of a horseman whose poise is the poise of perfect balance rather than the set attitude of the riding school.
  • In a moment the horseman galloped out upon the curve, rounded it, and disappeared in the shadows beyond.
  • The drawbridge sinks groaning down; the horseman springs into the courtyard and places a letter in the hands of the flurried castellan.
  • The two men made a further call upon their horses, urged by the sight of the horseman beyond the slough.
  • The horseman who next arrives at the castle orders the gates to be opened in the name of the Prince.
  • In the middle distance, a horseman is carrying off his booty, and on the left two horsemen are pursuing the fugitives.
  • And then as the horseman rode away without one backward look, he walked slowly along the little path to the tents.
  • That particular horseman had come there deliberately, had given the house a deliberate search, and had left in haste when he had finished.
  • A horseman from the south came galloping up the creek, and Kennedy rode out with an ivory smile to meet him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Horseman | Horseman Sentence

  • A horseman rode him down.
  • A horseman dashed up to the house.
  • Another horseman swept down upon him.
  • The horseman was covered with blood and foam.
  • A horseman did not fit that theory anywhere.
  • The horseman came on at a great pace.
  • The horseman was twenty yards from the crest of the hill.
  • The horseman was well mounted and going at a good pace.
  • Just as we rounded the hill a horseman came toward us.
  • At the sound of the approaching horseman she looked up with a start.
  • There was a horseman on the trail, some thirty or forty yards ahead.
  • A bad horseman throws his horse down, which a good one does not.
  • The first horseman reaches the castle gate and winds the signal horn.
  • The solitary horseman seemed to puzzle the gunners, for they ceased firing.
  • The leading horseman drew nearer and nearer, and was now almost at my side.
  • There will be no hitch," said the horseman in low tones.
  • The horseman wavered, doubled up, and pitched forward to the sand.
  • Stanley Fyles was as nearly a perfect horseman as the prairie could produce.
  • I hear the sound of feet, As if some horseman were approaching nigher.
  • Lite was too thorough a horseman not to be thoughtful of an animal's comfort.
  • A man on foot--no horseman even.

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