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  • An electric motor of 8-1/2 horsepower drove the propeller.
  • This would require a 1-1/4 horsepower gasoline engine.
  • In this instance, the actual horsepower would then be 7.2.
  • The best her forty horsepower could do was to ease the strain.
  • This animal horsepower isn't a very efficient horsepower.
  • The term horsepower is a meaningless quantity; it is not a horsepower at all.
  • But let us take five horsepower as a desirable minimum in this instance.
  • As before, there were two cars, with an 80 horsepower motor in each.

How To Use Horsepower In A Sentence?

  • It always will with that cranky speed boat and the big horsepower motor it carries.
  • Those at the front early in 1918 were equipped with a 110 horsepower Clerget rotary engine.
  • A gasoline, gas, or oil engine, or a windmill of 1-1/2 horsepower furnishes all the power needed.
  • This five horsepower engine is installed in the milk room of the dairy, and is belted to a countershaft.
  • The mere fact that the generator is of 110 electrical horsepower capacity does not require a turbine of 20 horsepower.
  • Five thousand cubic feet of water a minute would give approximately 14 actual horsepower under such a head.
  • For the larger operations, motors will vary from three horsepower for cutting ensilage, to fifteen horsepower for threshing.
  • One hundred horsepower is a very small water project, in a commercial way; and there are thousands of farms possessing streams of this capacity.
  • An electrical horsepower or two one way or another will not greatly change the first cost, and you will always find use for any excess.
  • Thus, for a quarter-load, an average engine of this type may require three pints of gasoline for each horsepower hour.
  • It will require, when operated at from one-half load to full load, approximately one pint of gasoline to each horsepower hour.
  • Thus he could secure 35 horsepower with only a 3-foot head, providing his water supply is equal to the draft of 8,300 cubic feet a minute.
  • Burn a pint of gasoline, with 14 pounds of air, in a gasoline engine, and the engine will supply one 33,000-pound horsepower for an hour.
  • Small armored nacelles at either side of the fuselage carried its two 400 horsepower Liberty motors, each turning a separate propeller.
  • In effect, it would be suddenly exerting a force of nearly 10,000 horsepower against the little 10 horsepower water wheel that is driving this dynamo.
  • The only device in the above list which is connected continuously, is the hot water boiler, and this can be credited with at least one electrical horsepower 24 hours a day.
  • A farmer wishes to install a water wheel that will deliver 10 horsepower on the shaft, and he finds his stream delivers 400 cubic feet of water a minute.
  • Less than one horsepower of energy will light the farmstead; less than five horsepower of energy will provide light and small power, and take the drudgery out of the kitchen.

Definition of Horsepower

A non-metric unit of power (symbol hp) with various definitions, for different applications. The most common of them is probably the mechanical horsepower, approximately equal to 745.7 watts. | A metric horsepower (symbol often PS from the German abbreviation), approximately equal to 735.5 watts. | Strength
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