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  • My antipathy to a horsewhip is an inheritance from boyhood.
  • The horsewhip went out with Victoria.
  • He goes about trying to find some one who'll volunteer to horsewhip Adair.
  • Now if it's anybody's business to horsewhip Eugene Martin, it's mine.

How To Use Horsewhip In A Sentence?

  • Strange to say, no public benefactor even took the trouble to horsewhip the husband.
  • He became angry, accused his seconds of cowardice, and threatened to horsewhip them.
  • He would like to horsewhip me, but he knows that if I leave no one else would come in my place.
  • He threatened to ride straight to Drayton's house and horsewhip him on the spot.
  • An' his raverince said it was a mysthery, an' swore if he cotched anyone laughin' at the accident he'd lay the horsewhip across their shoulders.
  • The fury of his opponents found expression in the attempt of an hysterical woman to horsewhip him, but she got no farther than stopping the horses and brandishing her whip.
  • An' his Raverince said it was a mysthery, an' swore if he cotched anyone laughin' at the accident, he'd lay the horsewhip across their shouldhers.
  • On first entering the nuptial hut the bridegroom draws forth his horsewhip and inflicts chastisement upon his bride, with the view of taming any lurking propensity to shrewishness.

Definition of Horsewhip

(transitive) To flog or lash with a horsewhip. | A whip for use on horses.
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