Hosts In A Sentence

Definition of Hosts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of host | plural of host

How To Use Hosts In A Sentence?

  • His hosts and patrons honored his thirst for knowledge and tenacity of purpose.
  • Help, then, your Lord with the hosts of goodly deeds and a praiseworthy character.
  • We will take Norway more easily than by fighting for her with all the hosts of Denmark.
  • The American army, as compared with the hosts of Mexico, had been but a handful.
  • My Indian hosts cooked me a pot of choohookyuh greens, and I found them very palatable.
  • Duke Naimes and Joseran the Count with speed And care these hosts in full array dispose.
  • Our hosts were gratified and flattered at the quantity which we ate; the residue of the feast was sent to our soldiers.
  • The sun was reflected from its ripples as if countless hosts of tiny naiads each held a mirror to catch his rays.
  • Repudiation hath not veiled it, and ten thousand hosts arrayed against it were powerless to withhold it from shining.
  • Then both the hosts fell to arraying themselves for the second time, and an exceeding long truce was there in the battle.
  • Moses came very near forgetting about the stars, and only gave five words to all the hosts of heaven.
  • For there was something about my hosts which told me that they had got me, and meant to keep me, in spite of all their goodness.
  • Now all the dim hosts surged forward since each outworn soul believed that it had suffered most and was in the bitterest need of peace.
  • Soldiers were sent out at free quarters to the right and left, with hints that it would be well that their hosts should not forget their coming.
  • Few gentlemen are better known in large circles than these artists, none more highly appreciated by hosts of friends.
  • The boy subsequently preached to the hosts and multitudes in Patrick's presence.
  • In this Revelation the hosts which can render it victorious are the hosts of praiseworthy deeds and upright character.
  • He had seen them stand on the high battlements, and look out across the plain or into the rock-hewn kopjes for the hosts of the enemy.
  • Judy, spilling some into her saucer, proceeded to blow it vigorously, her hosts with difficulty restraining their impatience the while.
  • Gyrgir and his hosts coasted in all directions among the Greek islands, and greatly plundered the corsairs.
  • Then he saw on the land a vast host of men & both hosts were making them ready for battle, and for each were many banners held on high.
  • He, verily, will assist thee with the hosts of the seen and unseen, and will set thee king over all that whereon the sun riseth.
  • Later, as stars came out to guard the hosts of sleepers, a watchman found him prone on the damp mound, and in a heavy stupor.
  • When the Danes learned that the hosts of the Norwegians were come, all those that were able to do so fled away.
  • Their hosts are the hosts of goodly deeds, and their arms the arms of upright conduct, and their commander the fear of God.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hosts | Hosts Sentence

  • Taras or the hosts of stars.
  • Thereafter were the hosts dispersed.
  • She has such hosts of distinguished friends!
  • The hosts gathered daily.
  • Its hosts are a praiseworthy character and goodly deeds.
  • The hosts then went and took up their station outside Tara.
  • The zeal of Jehovah of Hosts will perform this.
  • And even if our hosts were sufficient, who is there to lead them?
  • He took leave of his hosts that evening when he went upstairs to bed.
  • Orleans must be saved from the hosts of the English which encompass it.
  • The orator was no merry guest for his Corinthian hosts that night.
  • Did not the three hundred with Gideon overcome the hosts of the Moabites?
  • The Lotos Club and other genial hosts gave me complimentary dinners.
  • France shall see ere long that the Lord of Hosts fights for her.
  • To Pluto's gloomy throne, There to salute our hosts like stranger guests.

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