Hotels in a sentence

Definition of Hotels

plural of hotel

How to use Hotels in a Sentence?

  • The baths which exist in the hotels are evidently meant for very rare and important occasions.
  • Only from some of the hotels came the sound of music from lighted, open windows.
  • A description of the various classes of hotels and taverns, and the prominent personages in each.
  • An air of fulness and prosperity floated round the magnificent hotels which faced the sea.
  • The crude hotels were filled each winter with legislators, lobbyists and visiting politicians.
  • He made it a point to select things that were not on the menus of the hotels in Honduras.
  • At Burgos and at Zaragoza the two largest hotels in each place give the least indifferent food.
  • So he was a German; or else he had lived in German hotels long enough to catch the fashion.
  • At one period all hotels in Switzerland were "run" on one simple, cheap, easy plan.
  • The dinners to be obtained in the hotels have to suffice for the wants of the visitors to the place.
  • Once or twice the bait was apparently gorged and carried off in the upper stories of the hotels to be digested at leisure.
  • He said the chamois was plentiful enough, without hunting up hotels where they made a specialty of it.
  • The electric signs were blazing on the roofs of the shops and hotels which had driven the original dwelling houses out of the neighbouring streets.
  • The old posting hotels used to be uncommonly good and comfortable, whilst they did a thriving trade.
  • Many persons were separated from their friends and did not meet them again till at the hotels in Paris.
  • The three friends had left college the day before, and had taken up their quarters at one of the hotels near the beach.
  • I do not think that there is much to be said in favour of the restaurants of the big hotels at Ostend.
  • The hotels had disgorged their customers, who were talking loudly in groups on the footpath or lurching homeward with uneven steps.
  • He looked up the record and found that all the leading summer hotels and strategic points were in the hands of Germans.
  • So if an Englishman contemplating a visit seeks advice in the matter of hotels there is the obvious short cut.
  • Obscure lodging houses are precisely the places most looked after by the police, and even the best hotels are bound to keep a register of arrivals.
  • They had to have cars and money to spend at big hotels and for travel, money for diamonds and furs, money for everything.
  • He had joined the army of mendicant musicians, who scrape a tune in front of hotels and shops, living on charity thinly veiled.
  • It was pleasant, this working for from a few days to a week, then sauntering on ... putting up at cheap little country hotels overnight.
  • The beauty of the buildings excited their constant admiration, but the dearness of everything at the hotels made Burton use forcible language.
  • They are so particular in hotels now, that I don't know as I can get you into a decent one.
  • Then his father wished him to travel, and learn the ways at the great hotels on the Rhine before he settled down in Altenahr.
  • Gregory and Mrs. Talcott carried on a desultory conversation about hotels and the different merits of different countries in this respect.
  • The hotels in peninsular Spain are dirty enough to disgust any one, but those of Havana are a degree worse in this respect.
  • Like most doors separating rooms in Continental hotels those of the Univers at Tours were no exception.

Short Example Sentence for Hotels

  • Switzerland is a country of hotels and not of restaurants.
  • As hotels go in that part of the world, it was a good one.
  • Expensive hotels I cannot afford.
  • I confess crowded Swiss hotels do not sound alluring.
  • The hotels at Homburg are always quite full in the season.
  • There are at least two hotels where a European may exist.
  • Everywhere are the hotels and the foreigners, the parasitism.
  • The hotels and lodging houses immediately became very numerous.
  • In some hotels the hall porter don't shine shoes.
  • More than 30 first-class hotels are partially opened and advertising.

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