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  • But they are not any hotter than the water in the brook.
  • The day grew hotter and hotter.
  • The higher the shelf the hotter the atmosphere.
  • The sun became hotter and hotter.
  • The color burned hotter and hotter in his face.
  • What you need is a hot bath and some hotter coffee.
  • The reeking place had got hotter and hotter.
  • But after other, hotter hours the talking ceased.
  • The hotter the lava, the harder when it cools.
  • Gee, this sun is getting hotter than hot.
  • Rye bread requires an oven hotter than for wheat bread.
  • We were hotter on the trail than I imagined.
  • Steve carried another challenge, hotter than the other, and we waited again.
  • Hotter and hotter became his rage as he neared the residence of Huckaback.
  • The encircling line grew tighter and tighter; the fire, hotter and hotter.
  • His rage waxed hotter as he strode along; he was angry even with Miss Broad.

How To Use Hotter In A Sentence?

  • Billy was growing colder and colder in tone as he grew hotter and hotter in his anger.
  • The ashes fell hotter and hotter on the decks, and in continually larger masses.
  • Sheen finished his first lesson, feeling hotter than he had ever felt in his life.
  • Now it has passed and the enemy is still advancing, but our fire grows hotter and hotter!
  • The breeze continued favourable but very light; and the day waxed hotter and hotter.
  • But for under wear, in the hotter seasons and climates, wool has certain disadvantages.
  • It was hot when we drank up the river, but it was hotter that afternoon at Perryville.
  • In the lower and hotter regions cotton, given out in the same way, took the place of wool.
  • The next night was hotter than ever and Mary made up her mind she would sleep up in the hammock.
  • And Mr. Chase said it was a hotter summer than there had been for the last ten years, and so on.
  • It was hotter than settin' on a stove in Death Valley at 12 o'clock Sunday noon.
  • Half an hour before serving add a small cup of cream or milk and baste thoroughly over a hotter fire.
  • The girl's eyes flew wider and hotter shame for her sulkiness stained her cheeks.
  • It was hotter now that the sun had rolled past the zenith, now that the sand had drunk deep of its fiery rays.
  • Likewise many of the trout were burned up with it, for in places the fire made the water hotter than trout can stand.
  • He is built of the same kind of matter as the earth and other planets, but is hotter than the hottest electric arc or reverberatory furnace.
  • The pursuit was decidedly hotter than he had anticipated, and had not been checked in the least by his pistol shots, as he had hoped it would be.
  • A piece of raw potato of the same size would shrink even more, but would give a hotter and cleaner flame.
  • Saunders whistled and wiped sweat from his glistening face, for in spite of windows open to the courtyard it was hotter than a furnace room.
  • They went in swimming, but the sun, beating on their heads, seemed hotter while they were in the water than it did when they were on the land.
  • He was all worked up and sweating at self-mastery, hotter under the collar than I had ever seen him.
  • At last the battle had begun, and our men, panting already in the heat, grew hotter with impatience.
  • Upon inquiry I found no gas was there except when the pipes were hot, and that the hotter they were the worse it was.
  • The "new religion" was growing at an unheard of rate, and the more it grew the hotter raged the noise of battle and the clash of arms.

Definition of Hotter

comparative form of hot: more hot | (Britain, dialectal, Northern England, dated) To vibrate; to rattle. | (Britain, slang) One who steals a vehicle in order to joyride.
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