Hounds In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hounds | Hounds Sentence

  • You should be here when the otter hounds are out.
  • He had to call the hounds in.
  • Somewhere all the hounds were baying.
  • And the hawks and the hounds for all this?
  • Far below the hounds were baying.
  • Here some of the hounds caught up with him.
  • Were you out with the hounds this morning?
  • How the hounds bayed!
  • There are no better hounds than they are.
  • The other hounds sped by.
  • The hounds had not torn him.
  • The hounds are now on the track.
  • The hounds are coming fast.
  • Shulif hounds me every day now.
  • We all split and the hounds split.
  • Beauty and the hounds were now pronounced ready.
  • The baying of the hounds directed me.
  • The hounds began to leap at him.
  • Somewhere up there the hounds jumped the bear.
  • The hounds were almost at his heels.
  • The hounds must have their rest.
  • Were blood hounds apostles?
  • The hounds stuck to his trail.
  • Those hounds were following his trail.
  • The hounds numbered some fourteen.
  • Only three hounds kept him company.
  • Don and the other hounds will tree him again pretty soon.
  • I heard those hounds baying behind me.
  • He rode to hounds and he enjoyed life.
  • The howling of the hounds guided me through the cedars.
  • The fiery burst of the hounds had surprised me.
  • All the other hounds whined and kept close to him.
  • The hounds bayed our approach to camp.
  • Good hounds are not reared to be knocked on the head.
  • It was the baying of hounds following a trail.

How To Use Hounds In A Sentence?

  • Those hounds would give him no rest.
  • Soon we heard the hounds baying on all sides.
  • What if hounds run down the timid hare?
  • He cheers his furious hounds to go.
  • How the hounds made the welkin ring!

Definition of Hounds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hound | plural of hound
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