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  • Allow four hours for freezing.
  • These were his best hours for work.
  • They do not have regular hours for their meals.
  • Allow yourself always the same hours for sleep.
  • I need those twelve hours for my plans.
  • It then required some hours for all his army to cross.
  • Allow 3 to 4 hours for the soup.
  • What are the best hours for airing out of doors?
  • To wait for hours and hours for the night!
  • They had to wait two hours for the answer.
  • Hours for female labour confined to ten.
  • Always take twenty-four hours for consideration.
  • They had to wait two hours for a south-bound train.
  • The baggage mules took ten hours for the march.
  • Hours for labour of women confined to 60 per week.
  • Defect in choice of hours for taking diet; 4.
  • Defect in choice of hours for taking diet; 4.
  • But no early hours for me in December.
  • Those were terrible hours for June.
  • Incidentally, I use the ends of the hours for trifle-memos.
  • Proper Hours for Rising and Retiring.
  • Hours for justice!
  • It is well that they should have a few hours for meditation.
  • You had a few hours for rest after that before the grand entry.
  • I have not passed three such pleasant hours for a long while.
  • I was glad to get into the hotel and have a few hours for thought.
  • The process occupies from two to three hours for each barrel.
  • We had to wait three hours for the horses to be caught and packed.
  • You will reply that we take the twenty-four hours for reflection.
  • Contains good outlines for cycle story hours for older children.
  • She committed sin, she has gone through terrible hours for you.
  • Five minutes later, and we might have had to wait hours for him.
  • Put it on the spit in time to allow at least six hours for slowly roasting it.
  • We waited nearly two hours for the dusk to fall and allow me to ride off.

How To Use Hours For In A Sentence?

  • After these swimming contests there was an interval of two hours for refreshments.
  • Regular or irregular hours for meals were passed over with the same discomposing smiles.
  • The following programs for story hours for the little children are suggestive only.
  • It required hours for his slow visioning to arrive at this stately consummation.
  • It has taken quite six hours for them to recover from the chloride of lime and water.
  • I know how we can get there without waiting hours and hours for this train to go on.

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