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  • Above all the householder who intends to have a fire in his house must keep calm.
  • The citizens are kept prisoners in their city, and every householder is confined to his house.
  • I am a householder in a pleasant country neighbourhood, about twenty miles from New York.
  • Yet he is called a knight of the open road and even the staidest householder has a sneaking admiration for him.
  • There was a certain householder of this nation that had born upon his farm a heifer of marvellous greatness and beauty.
  • Each householder in the village above the rank of slave had a greater or less number of strips or shares in each of these three fields.
  • All doors must be shut and each householder must kneel before his threshold with a broom and a dust-pan in his hand.
  • An economical plan is for the householder to make his own hot cross and then get the local confectioner to fit a bun to it.
  • For the householder who has an outside enclosed laundry or summer kitchen, the problem of keeping the holiday delicacies is quite an easy one.
  • Every householder had from five to ten acres in the suburbs, and one and a half close at home; and the people seemed happy.
  • No householder could, except in special cases, remain a night out of the village without the previous sanction of the magistrate of the place.
  • Every householder in Israel was to take a lamb of a year old, without blemish; and at even on the 14th day of the month it was to be slain.
  • We of the United States have been likened unto a householder living on a plot of ground rich enough to support his family.
  • But there could be no question that the room was too dark for the taste of any householder clever enough to know the difference between a house and a church.
  • If a guest departed unhonoured from a house, his sins were to be transferred to the householder, and all the merits of the householder were to be transferred to him.
  • But the suburban ratepayer, the householder whose responsibilities left him no alternative but to take himself seriously, was of a different calibre.
  • On the day of the first celebration, early in the morning, a certain householder drave one of his slaves through the marketplace, beating him with rods.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Householder | Householder Sentence

  • See a householder breaking up and you will be sure of it.
  • The householder looked considerably taken aback.
  • The householder voiced a thin shriek and began to plead for his life.
  • It is the duty of every householder to keep clean in front of his own house.
  • Such is the narrative of the country householder to the young Dutchman.

Definition of Householder

The owner of a house. | The head of a household. | (Buddhism) A layperson.
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