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How To Use Housetop In A Sentence?

  • It is the pulpit of the reformer and the housetop of the fanatic, this soapbox.
  • It is the pulpit of the reformer and the housetop of the fanatic, this soap-box.
  • It was a wonderful lesson he was called to learn on the housetop of Simon the tanner.
  • Once more, and at greater peril than ever, Jack went on the housetop to reconnoitre.
  • It was exactly the case of a man who might walk over the edge of a housetop through absent-mindedness.
  • You know they love you even when they say little about it; you do not expect them to climb to the housetop and declare their affection.
  • The Serbian fire seemed even to tell the spectators on the housetop that the Serbians had lost hope.
  • It had never, so far as she could tell, been provided by mortal hand with earth or water, but grew by some inner grace, a housetop sign and signal.
  • Wesley and Whitfield said: This frightful truth ought to be proclaimed from the housetop of every opportunity, from the highway of every occasion.
  • So he began to grind away; but while he was hard at it, down fell the cow off the housetop after all, and as she fell she dragged the man up the chimney, by the rope.
  • When they could not find a way to bring him in because of the multitude, they went upon the housetop and lowered him down on his couch through the tiling and into the midst of where Jesus stood.

Definition of Housetop

The roof of a house.
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